Fingerless Gloves – Why Are They So Popular?

Fingerless gloves are making a strong comeback in the fashion world although they never really disappeared. With stars like Lady Gaga, Drew Barrymore, Beyonce Knowles, Janet Jackson, Kate Hudson and Ashlee Simpson all donning fingerless gloves, you can see why there is such a wide appeal. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why these fingerless gloves are so popular.

One of the biggest reasons is just the sheer number of styles, colors and designs that are available. From the elegance of black lace to the funky, punk rock look to sturdy work gloves, there is a design for everyone. There are long styles and short styles, solid colors and wild colors. Even men get into the game with driving and motorcycle fingerless gloves.

Another reason is the wide array of material and fabrics from which to choose. Leather is strong and durable and always a classy look. Many knit or crochet gloves are inexpensive and filled with colorful patterns to match any outfit. Then there’s the cashmere and fleece that provide extra warmth along with stylish designs.

Finally, there is the utility of the fingerless style itself. You get the benefit of a glove but also the ability to manipulate small objects with your fingers and not have to remove your gloves. Whether you’re texting your friends on your cell phone, digging change out of the dispenser at the grocery store or rummaging through a toolbox looking for the right size screws, it’s so much easier to perform these tasks when wearing a pair of fingerless gloves.

It easy to understand the appeal of these gloves when you look at all these advantages. The only real disadvantage is if it’s really, really cold outside. In that case, you can wear a pair of mittens and you still don’t have to take off your fingerless gloves! With such utility, style and fashion, I would expect these gloves to remain popular for quite some time.

Source by Mike Dinicola

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