Flattering Eid Outfit For Men – Pathani Suits With Embellished Necklines

Gorgeous and embellished Designer Outfits are, primarily, a woman thing. Men stay away from overtly embellished outfits but during special occasions such as Weddings, Receptions, traditional or religious events or festive moments, men are also required to be clad in gorgeous and ornate outfits. Choosing the right embellished or gorgeous Designer Outfit for men can be quite difficult since a lot of things have to be carefully considered such as the color combination, use of embellishments, etc. The trick is to choose a striking Designer Outfit which is not too plain and at the same time is not over the top.

Of all the Designer Clothing for Men available, the traditional Pathani Suit for Men makes the ideal Eid Outfit for Men. The traditional Pathni Suit with its full sleeved Kurta and loose fitting Shalwar not only exudes an ethnic look but also happens to be extremely comfortable and easy to wear and carry off. Pathani Suits in lush fabrics such as Eid Silk, Eid Brocade, Eid Rawsilk, Eid Jacquard, and Eid Velvet are truly appropriate for the grand celebrations of Eid. Such lush fabrics with their inherent resplendence and richness naturally make any Designer Outfit gorgeous with having to add much of embellishments. Hence a touch of embellishment and embroidered design along the neckline of Pathni Suits seems just perfect. Embellished collars and neckline of Eid Pathani Suits enhance it further without going overboard.

Eid Pathani Suits with interestingly designed collars featuring intricately embroidered design embellished with sequins, beads, bugle beads, zardozi, etc looks extremely flattering and the minimal touch of embellishments make it perfect for traditional and festive occasions. While the traditional Pathni Suit for Men featured Kurta with simple stand collars and button-front placket, the latest design of Pathani Suits for Men spotted nowadays flaunt creatively designed collars with a split neckline highlighted with attractively embellished pattern.

Source by Robin Pakkarambel

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