Food Combining Tips – Help Stabilize Your Digestive System

Eating your favorite foods in the wrong combination may be causing your digestive system to shut down or malfunction. For years I personally battled with constipation and used every type of laxative known to man, had the dreaded colonoscopy, ended up in the hospital twice and spent a great deal of time feeling very ill due to a sluggish system. Over time and with approaching senior years my condition became chronic and the doctors just said, “Eat more fiber”. I was eating tons of fiber and drinking gallons of water but the condition was growing more severe as the years passed. Finally, I found an answer and it turned out to be extremely simple.

My answer to better health was in food combining. After changing the combination of foods that I ate my health almost immediately began to improve and within two weeks my system was working like clockwork, better than I could ever remember. It was amazing. It has been three months now and by using the food combining method of eating my digestive system is still working perfectly.

Here are a couple very basic rules to follow when eating. Never eat fruit in combination with any other foods and give your body the opportunity to fully digest the fruit before eating any other types of foods, at least two hours but optimally three before eating again. Do not eat meat in combination with starches like sugar vegetables, bread, pasta or any dairy products.

Yes, this means no hamburgers with buns but you can eat meat with green leafy vegetables. Cow’s milk is hard to digest so drinking soy or rice milk is much easier on your system. High fiber foods and high water content foods are the best to eat. Animal proteins are okay to eat with high water foods. High water foods and starchy foods are okay to eat together. However, combining starchy foods with animal protein foods causes digestive problems. The old standby, meat and potatoes is a real problem for your body to digest. Dessert is okay once in a while but should be eaten three hours after your main meal and it is best to eat less than you might normally eat.

Eating three balanced meals and two snacks each day is a good way to bring your system back into balance. The foods need to be nutritious and in the right combination. If you want a sandwich, do not use meat but a sandwich with some may and tomato and lettuce or avocado or cucumber is excellent in taste and easy to digest. Instead of a tuna salad sandwich, try mixing up your tuna as usual. Then you can use stalks of nice crisp celery either to dip into the tuna mixture or stuff the celery with the tuna. It is really surprising how filling and satisfying this meal can be. You will not miss the bread. Wait a couple hours and then enjoy your bread with some butter or peanut butter as a snack. Eating foods in the right combination does not mean you have to change the foods you enjoy, just change which foods you eat at one time. Do not overeat and choose the healthier foods as often as possible. Your body will thank you.

Source by Penny L Lee

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