Food Wars Between the Sexes

What do you eat? Is it healthy? Do you shop and prepare your food for your partner? Does this keep the war out of the kitchen? Read on.

When a man and woman join in holy matrimony what does this really mean? Two totally different people with different habits, lifestyles, eating, communication and every way possible must unite as one.

After looking back over my long marriage I do not know how this is possible. When the children start coming and compromise is needed as to who works, who stays home or whatever childcare arrangement is made must be unanimous.

Cooking and shopping become a chore. When the mother is working outside of the home and then comes home to take care of the family it is definitely a double whammy. Any woman who says she can have it all is simply not being totally honest.

Men eat differently than women. Men think differently than woman. We are different sexes what is so surprising about this information.

It is easier for the busy working woman, or the stay at home mom to simply stop fighting her spouse or her children when it comes to the food they consume daily.

The children are conditioned to junk food. Any other home cooked meal is repulsive to their programmed minds of hamburgers, French fries and pizza. The women like to eat, chicken, vegetables, fruit, and fish. Most women by now know white bread is bad for them. They try to eat healthy, but with battling the rest of the family they either cook separately or just eat what is popular and bad for you.

The men love red meat, white bread, plenty of sugar and highly salted food. The woman in the family in order to please her mate and keep war out of the kitchen will go to any means to keep peace in the family.

Eating together keeps the family together. What they eat is another story.

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