Foods That Fight Fat

There are foods that fight fat and there are foods that store fat on your body. To obtain the health and body that you want you need to select the foods that fight fat.

This is especially important if you are doing all of the right things to lose weight but you are just not getting the results that you want.

When most people think of fat burning foods that will aid in their weightloss they conjure up pictures in their mind of celery, raw carrots and string beans. Now yes these foods are good for you but who wants to eat them on a daily basis.

Foods that fight fat can be a lot more interesting, satisfying and delicious than you may have previously thought. You just have to know which ones they are so you can incorporate them into your daily eating plan and begin to enjoy the benefits that they bring.

Below is an example of what you can include in your daily diet and still get the great benefits of losing weight while feeling satisfied at the same time.

1. Grapefruit- High in fiber and is a powerful fat fighter.

2. Leafy Greens- Research has shown that they are packed full of vitamins and antioxidants which not only suppresses hunger but protects you from disease.

3. Low fat cottage cheese is a much better alternative on your morning toast than butter.

4. Oats-high in fiber, keeps you fuller for longer and stabilises your blood sugar levels.

5. Eggs contain protein which has the ability to keep you full for longer. They also help to balance out any carbohydrates you have eaten.

Source by Abby Burgin

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