Foods That Help Burn Fat & Build Collagen

An awesome way to turn your body into a fat burning machine is by adding green tea to your diet and exercise routine. With all the different varieties of green tea on the market, its rather easy to find a flavor that you will enjoy. My personal favorite is Mandarin Mango Swirl. Even though exercise is the best way to burn body fat, green tea contains catechins that signals the body to burn fat for energy instead of burning carbs. This is great news for carb lovers.

Drinking green tea does not give people a license to eat irresponsibly. You still have to exercise a bit of wisdom with your daily routine, but this is one of the easiest ways to turn your body into a fat burning machine. All you have to do is replace your normal beverage choice, especially if its soda, and drink 3 to 4 cups of green tea everyday. The awesome thing about green tea is that it will burn fat whether you exercise or not, but when you combine exercise with the tea, you are literally sending your fat burning abilities through the roof so why not do both?

Similar results have been found by eating certain types of food such as apples, grapes, and cucumbers. These foods do not necessarily burn fat but they work by hydrating the cells so that fat is prevented from being stored. Think of them as fat barriers. Anytime the body is well hydrated, you simply look better.

Other foods that turn your body into a fat burning machine include vegetables that are bright in color. Not only are they loaded with vitamin C but they specifically prevent the breakdown of collagen which actually supports your skin. When collagen is weakened from a lack of vitamin C or by sunbathing, fat cells underneath the collagen will press through and this gives the skin that bumpy look we all know as cellulite. If you want to get rid of those little puckers that show up on your butt and thighs, I suggest you get your daily dose of vitamin C to build collagen.

One beverage I drink is a mix of 8 oz orange juice with lots of pulp, with 8 oz of grapefruit juice about 30 minutes before a workout. Not only does this give me the vitamin C I need, but it also gives me the energy I need to sustain throughout the workout and helps burn up to 30% more fat during exercise.

Additional foods that help burn body fat include healthy whole grains like brown rice and oatmeal. A simple and quick breakfast I like to eat is a bowl of honey nut cheerios with a diced apple, tablespoon of raw oatmeal and 1/4 cup of a walnut and sliced almond blend added to the cereal. The fiber in whole grains are more filling and they don’t trigger an insulin spike which tells the body to store fat instead of burning. Combining foods is a great way to turn your body into a fat burning machine plus meet your daily servings at the same time.

Source by Adrianne Geyer

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