Foods That Help You Get Pregnant – A Look at Aphrodisiacs

There are foods to keep one active, to stay healthy and to get nutrients. But have you ever wondered what foods help you get pregnant? There are foods that serve that purpose. Such foods are known as ‘aphrodisiacs’.

The word ‘aphrodisiac’ has been derived from the name of the Greek god of sensuality and love, Aphrodite. What exactly do these aphrodisiacs do? They induce the Aphrodite within us!! Sounds weird? Well I meant to say that aphrodisiacs are foods that induce eroticism among people. The role of aphrodisiacs is phenomenal in child birth and the sex life of a person. And reading this article would for sure help you get an idea about what foods help you get pregnant.

Getting in detail about this topic, we can see that there is a huge variety of aphrodisiacs in the world. They vary from nuts to fruits to vegetables and herbs. The influence of aphrodisiacs in the sexual performance of people has not been proven with concrete evidence as far as Western medicine is concerned. But traditional medicinal practices like the Chinese medicine and Ayurveda believe that certain fruits and vegetables have the ability to make people erotic.

One of the theories that explain the functioning of aphrodisiacs says that it is the shape of the vegetables that enables this. Check it out for yourself and you would find that most of the aphrodisiac foods have a strong resemblance to either of the sex organs of the human body. Bananas, asparagus, radish and Moringa oleifera, which is commonly known as drumstick are considered to be aphrodisiacs (Do you get the connection?). Some of the Indian spiritual practices advise a person to not eat drumsticks as it is capable of making him feel erotic.

Other foods that are considered to be aphrodisiacs include caviar, oyster, alcohol, vanilla, truffles and ginseng. While all other items induce sexual desire, alcohol gives a person a sense of freeness making him/her shed inhibitions to indulge freely in the act.

Aphrodisiacs can be actually used in two ways: they can be either ingested or applied to the body depending on the aphrodisiac itself. Apart from the ones mentioned above there are other food items too that can do this impeccably (or they are believed so). Important among them are saffron, dark chocolate, almonds, celery, pomegranate, peach, gingko nut and spices.

Many people have tried out using aphrodisiacs to make their sex life interesting and have achieved satisfying results including childbirth. However there are certain things that can hinder the effectiveness of aphrodisiacs. Some people may be allergic to certain vegetables. Some people may be suffering from some problematic medical conditions. All these factors affect the influence of aphrodisiacs on the human body. Eating healthy food and staying fit can help overcome these kinds of problems. Overall, being aware about what foods help you get pregnant will surely help you in many ways than one.

Hence, it can be easily concluded that aphrodisiacs can for sure spice up the sexual life of a person. So I guess you now know what to do if your partner does not seem to show interest in enjoying carnal pleasure or if there is a delay in your being in the family way. You would have got an idea of what foods help you get pregnant, by now.

Source by Alan K Cunningham

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