For Men Only: The Best Sex Positions for Her (And The TOP Reason She Can’t Climax)

Why can’t she climax during sex? Is it me? Am I doing something wrong? Is there something wrong with my size, or stamina? And what are the BEST positions for making a woman have an orgasm? Any of these questions sound familiar?

f you are anything like the tens of thousands of men and women who have enjoyed our articles over the last year on sex tips, techniques, they probably do! Why? The most common questions we get about lovemaking from BOTH sexes are about the magical, mysterious female orgasm, and why it’s so difficult for so many couples to achieve.

Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

The TOP reason she can’t have an orgasm?

Believe it or not, almost ALL women can achieve orgasm during sex. The problem is not her, per se… it’s typically HOW you are going about trying to make her happy, and the amount of time you are spending focused exclusively on HER.

Consider this for a moment:

The female sexual response cycle is 2 to 3 times that of a man. This means that, on average, if it takes a man 5 minutes to climax from intercourse, it can take his female partner 10 to 15 minutes. The biggest enemy of orgasm for a woman is DURATION of sex, or the lack of sexual stamina, or staying power in her partner.

Here is a good way to get around that issue if you find yourself finishing too fast:

About 95% of women CAN in fact climax far more quickly, from “foreplay” rather than intercourse. So if your partner is having trouble, or you are worried that you don’t have enough stamina or staying power to satisfy her, simply focus on foreplay prior to actual sex, and her enjoyment factor will go up exponentially.

What about the best sex positions for her?

The absolute BEST position for a woman who can’t climax easily is for her to be on top. Why? Because it offers her much more control over both her movements and motion as well as the places and spaces she prefers to be stimulated during sex. (without the need to have to tell you where to go, herself!)

The other important advantage to this position is that it ALSO slows down ejaculation for men. While men STILL tend to finish too fast with her “on top”, it does, as a general rule, lead to longer intercourse relative to missionary, or other conventional positions.

Also remember this:

Everybody is different. Every woman has slightly different erogenous zones, and every man is a different length, and width and the “equipment” to satisfy her the way she prefers. Women will often learn to enjoy ONE position with a long time partner, only to find out that her next partner is simply not built the same, or equipped to satisfy her in exactly the same way.

For this reason, communication is key – and learning to ASK her what she likes, and tell her your strengths, is a key component to ensuring she is satisfied in the bedroom and beyond!

Source by Amy A.

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