As long as the dreamers are stuck in the fiction they are the people they work so hard to impersonate in this dream, forgiveness seems to be nearly impossible. To forgive is to get too close to the truth there is no one to be against if ‘everything’ takes place as content in a dream. As dreamers, are we not famous for inventing a less than okay self we can be against, or “beat up on” to defend the fiction the invented self is sufficient to prove we are ‘the people’ we work so hard to portray in this dream. If that doesn’t work, we can use duality to keep others in place as ‘real people’ to be ‘at odds with,’ perhaps for a lifetime in the dream. The dream features ‘us’ using the invented self as proof that it belongs to a person which works to dismiss the fact that ‘everything’ can only be content in a dream if that’s what right now is and can only be.

The saying of a simple mantra allows the dreamer to recover the fact it is a dreamer in a dream using ‘time’ to play the part of a ‘real person,’ as if the parody will pass for the real thing, forgivness.

Think the following: “Mind is dreaming right now just the way it is happening.” That includes what the dreamers make up in the dream to pretend they don’t know there are no people, only dreamers in a dream impersonating people, and quite convincingly I might add.

If it should turn out to be true that ‘right now’ is only a Mind-generated dream, who exists to do anything to anyone? Do “enemies” exist, or does the dream feature dreamers defending the lie people exist by playing the part of “enemies.” The number one pet parody in this dream is “being at odds with others,” to bring credibility to that fiction by turning it into a nasty drama in this dream. What do you see in the news paper that doesn’t feature how the dreamers use time to prolong the fiction ‘being at odds with one another’ is sufficient proof for the existence of people?

The act of forgiveness gets too close to the truth there is no one to be forgiven and no one to do that. The dreamer who can do that with ease is very close to the truth it can be done precisely because there is no one to do anything, including engage in bad acts that require forgiveness. Either this is a Mind-generated dream, or it isn’t. We can’t have it both ways.

If you want to forgive the dreamers for something, why not forgive them for what they make up in the dream to prove through grudge that ‘bad people’ deserve revenge, or that the ‘bad self’ deserves to be terminated. Most dreamers can live with the truth nothing they do in the dream will work to prove they are not ‘real people,’ plus or minus the problems that go with trying to float a lie as if it is a fact, but a few dreamers treat truth as the enemy to be dismissed, and when a dreamer reminds that dreamer that it isn’t the person it insists it is, look out!

On the surface, grudge seems to be people-based, but that is just the cover for the fact it is truth-based. We all know nothing we do will work to alter the fact that the dream is what ‘right now’ is, and ‘we’ are in this thing together.

Only the dreamers in the dream exist to dismiss and resist truth, and some treat it as something to avoid, but others view it as the annihilation of a person. Their ‘mistake’ is they view truth as a threat to a person, and that in the ensuing drama a person will pay for this indignity. The truth is truth can’t be a threat to a person if ‘everything’ takes place as content in a dream. The dreamer wants to believe a person’s integrity or honor is at stake and needs to be avenged. A few dreamers, those who commit horrible acts in the dream, depend on the lie truth is a threat to a ‘real person.’ This justifies the acting out of the grudge. From their perspective, what they do is justified. Someone will pay for almost reminding me that people have no place in the whole equation. The act goes with the lie a ‘wounded person’ is entitled to get even with others. The motto often takes the form, “and you shall suffer as I have suffered.”

It’s all content in the dream. A few dreamers show up flat with this fact and can forgive all the dreamers for everything they do in the dream in the name of personhood; murder, road rage, obesity, infidelity, all derive from dreamers who are locked into the lie life is all about people. They can forgive everything the dreamers do to defend the lie they are ‘real people,’ even ‘angry ones’ who keep the drama alive by ‘being at odds with everyone.’ Let’s face it: sometimes our personhood parodies turn real ugly, often over nothing, pun deliberate.

To be awake in this dream is to root for all the dreamers using time to prolong the fiction they are ‘real people,’ especially those who suffer the most in the dream trying to pretend they don’t know nothing in a dream can be about people. Resistance serves to keep truth “out of sight and out of mind,” and some dreamers aren’t going to find out what truth looks like on the other side of resistance. They are here to wage war against truth around the clock, and they can’t manhandle truth, so they keep ‘people’ in place as the next best target. Getting even with one another is the parody we engage in to put off the truth there is no one at all.

Who do you like to pretend to be ‘at odds with’ to keep ‘them’ in place as a ‘real person,’ and probably someone you can make the target for your grudge? This is our pet parody in this dream, and the opportunity to view it accurately is always present. There is no one for anyone to be against. This is, after all, just a dream in progress. Duality works to keep it ugly, but only the dreamers’ resort to the creation of duality to postpone their date with the fact the dream is the context for “The Whole Show.”

© 2006 Dr. Gregory Tucker, The Recovery Process

Source by Dr. Gregory Tucker

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