Former WWE personality willing to make surprise return 27 years after last appearance


Published Dec 25, 2019

Dec 25, 2019 IST

WWE has had dozens of commentators since 1993
WWE has had dozens of commentators since 1993

When Monday Night RAW began airing in January 1993, Vince McMahon was joined at the announce desk by WWE legend “Macho Man” Randy Savage and comedian Rob Bartlett for the first few months of the show.

It was clear from the first episode that the commentary team would not last very long, with Bartlett’s lack of wrestling knowledge proving to be a problem, and he decided to resign after just 13 weeks in the job.

On this week’s episode of Sam Roberts’ Notsam Wrestling podcast, Bartlett reminisced about his short-lived spell in the wrestling industry, while he told a hilarious story about the time that he impersonated Vince McMahon for an entire episode of RAW.

When Roberts mentioned that Bartlett has not appeared on WWE’s reunion shows in recent years, the comedian and radio personality said he would be willing to feature on WWE programming for the first time in almost 27 years if he is invited to any future reunions.

“Absolutely. Absolutely, I have fond memories of it. The people were great and it was like being in a circus for thirteen weeks. It really was.”

Despite enjoying his time on RAW, Bartlett admitted he was not a right fit for the show, which is why he requested to leave in April 1993.

You can listen to some of Rob Bartlett’s commentary (and jokes) from the first episode of RAW below.

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