Four Important Benefits of Self Examination

Self examination is a study that we must all adopt within our lives to enrich ourselves of knowledge and those things that we desire. Perhaps this may start out solely for materialistic rewards but the long term benefits often outweigh this. Below are some of the most important techniques and the values that can be garnered from this.

Listening to ourselves

Listening to our own voices is very important in understanding who we are and what we sound like before others. This is not for self criticism but for knowledge purposes. In listening to our own voices we can learn to observe why people may not understand us or why they do. In short we learn to enhance what is rich about our voices and discard what isn’t. This examination is particularly rewarding for interviews. It also enables us know when to speak and when to be silent and also when to change the tone of our voice in different situations. This can even save our lives and those of others when we have this power over the control of our speech. We learn to distinguish between a voice of authority, one of anger, another of love and the many more facets we may portray. This is an exercise to solidify our confidence in all works of life.

Knowing our features

God has given each of us blessed features. Irrespective of what we think or what society thinks we are all children of God. It is important to understand how these features work through our actions and expressions. Communication is affected significantly by our expressions. If used for all the positive reasons then the benefits of knowing our features would allow us to understand why a harmless comment may be viewed as a rebuke. It may help us to understand why we are not taken seriously in a position of authority. Knowing our features and accepting them for what they are is a confidence booster. We may not pass for the prettiest person on earth as society demands but unless we get to know our features it is impossible to understand the true value that God has given us.

Knowing our values

Life is a school of study until we die. Waltzing through it without taking the time out to examine what we stand for could result in us doing very little to make our world a better place. It is by our values that we change things and have a desire to do more with our time on earth. Knowing where we stand with things is appointing ourselves in a position of responsibility to do something about our values. It is also taking away blame from the shortfalls of society and doing what we can to make a difference. This also allows us to build alliances and choose our friends correctly.

Knowing our spirit

Of all the self studies described this is the most important and valuable. It is examining our faith and asking questions of our relationship to God. We must all know our spirit to understand the intentions behind our actions. It is by knowing our spirit that we get to decide whether we shall abide by God or not. This examination is also the most rewarding because from this if we choose faith and understand the path of this faith then the rewards that we reap in the long term cannot be measured. It is by knowing our spirit that we can understand our inner strength and the blessing of the truth of Christ. Whether we choose this path or otherwise, this study would show that without believe or hope in God all the previous studies covered above make little or no sense in the long term. The fact is true self examination leads to God regardless of where we started. If we are honest and ask all the right questions of ourselves we would find that all the answers we seek lie in the word of God.

Source by Leslie Musoko

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