Fox News Poll Shows Key Battleground States Are Swinging Hard Against Trump

A set of polling released by Fox News on Thursday has bad news for Donald Trump: Several key battleground states are swinging toward the Democratic candidates, particularly if the nominee is former Vice President Joe Biden.

According to the survey released by Trump’s favorite cable “news” network, the president is losing to every Democratic candidate in Nevada and Wisconsin.

The margins are especially bad for Trump when he’s matched against Biden, where he trails the former VP by eight percentage points in Nevada. Hillary Clinton won that state in 2016 by less than three points.

The full head-to-head results in Nevada:

Even more troubling for Trump than the Nevada numbers are the results coming out of Wisconsin, a state that he narrowly carried in 2016 and needs to win again this year if he wants to be reelected.

According to Fox News, Biden leads Trump in the state by five percentage points. In 2016, the president won that state by less than a single percentage point.

The full Wisconsin results:

The Fox polling follows another survey released Thursday showing Trump losing to every Democratic candidate in Michigan, another state he narrowly won in 2016.

The Democratic blue wall is reemerging

After Donald Trump managed to eke out a razor-thin electoral victory in three key states in 2016 – Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania – the Democratic blue wall in the midwest appears to be reemerging four years later.

Polling consistently shows Trump trailing in those three states, particularly when Joe Biden is his hypothetical opponent.

The president’s crumbling support in the midwest combined with other polls showing him behind or tied in other key states like Florida, Arizona, Iowa  and Ohio means he will likely be on major defense in 2020.

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