Free Chat Friday Thread : politics

Christmas Eve: dinner with my sister’s in-laws (usually we’d spend it with my husband’s mom’s side of the family, but there’s lots of drama this year between his sister going through a divorce and his brother facing jail for a DUI while on a suspended license because of another DUI… so no one’s doing anything this year)

Christmas morning: opening presents + brunch with my side of the family

Christmas afternoon: lunch/dinner with my husband’s dad’s side. usually an hour or two in, I’ll take an Uber home and he’ll hang out with his family into the early evening.

it’s like yoyoing from one extreme to the other in terms of politics… my dad is a #resistance liberal who’s going to spend half the dinner showing me cringey anti-Trump memes on his phone, and on my husband’s side, his dad still has his Trump 2016 lawn sign up (with a smaller sign next to it that says “this sign protected by the 2nd amendment”)

I mostly just smile and nod. I’m liberal, but not as much as my parents, and I learned a long time ago that there’s no point in talking politics with my husband’s side of the family. they’ve got no interest in logic, just repeating whenever they saw on OAN or Facebook.

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