Free Drinks With Magic Card Tricks

January and February are often tough months financially, so if we said we had a way in which you could score yourself a couple of free drinks with your friends at the pub then you’d surely want to know more wouldn’t you? Well here it is; the easiest card trick that will help you win a few free drinks and maybe even attract the attention of a good looking girl or guy in the pub.

Firstly, you need to be prepared.

It’s not hard to get prepared for this card trick but you will need to make sure the cards are prepared so you don’t give anything away. You need to set up the first ten cards of the deck so they are laid out from 10 to ace, lining up 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and Ace. The suit or colour of the cards doesn’t matter and it will look more real if the cards colours and suits are mixed from 10 to Ace.

You then need to put these cards face down on top of the pile of cards. In a game of cards this would be known as stacking the deck and would be classed as cheating, but in a card trick this is known as magic and is essential to your magic trick.

Now you need to place the bet with your friends, if it turns out to be your turn to get the next round in then now is the perfect time to create them an offer they can’t refuse. Why not suggest that you’ll buy them all a bottle of wine each if you can guess how many cards they move, but if you can guess then they have to buy you drinks all night.

By this time your friends will be feeling clever, they’ll think you’re having them on and there is no way you can trick them so they will be more than happy to take on this bet on the magic card trick. If you’re lucky they may even up the bet saying they’ll buy you drinks all night and some chips on the way home.

Then you need to lay down your cards, the top 11 cards. Placing the Ace on the left all the way across to the right hand side where the 10 is. Make sure you don’t shuffle the card and lay the cards face down, one by one – starting on your right and adding them facedown towards he left. You have to make sure nobody else knows what you’re doing though so make it look smooth, sleek and sharp.

Then pick one of your friends and tell them they need to move one or more of the cards, one by one, they have to start at the left end of the row and work their way down to the right end of the row without scrambling the cards or flipping them over to have a look.

Once they have understood turn around and let them swap the cards, when they have finished turn back round to face them. Turn over the first card on the right end of the row and don’t let anyone else see it. The number on that card is the amount of times the cards were swapped – reading out that number will score you the free drinks that the card trick will have won you!

This is just one of the many quick tricks you can try out on your mates to score you free drinks and so much more – some people even use it to chat up the opposite sex so give it a try.

Source by Josh J Moore

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