Free Weights Routine

I’m going to give you a few different routines you can do depending on your goals. If you want to build strong, lean muscle mass you can follow one path. If you want to build bulky muscles you can follow another.

To build strength without building mass you will want to do exercises lifting about 80% of your maximum weight do two sets with no more than 5 repetitions. Give yourself about 5 minutes rest in between each set.

To build muscle bulk you will want to lift about 80% of your maximum and do 4 to 6 reps in each set. However, you will be doing between 10 and 20 sets. Never work your muscles to failure always stop a couple of reps before that happens.

Now, let’s talk about burning fat. In the 1990’s a Japanese scientist discovered that periods of exertion combined with short rest periods is the best way to lose fat. The exercise routine that was developed is called the Tabata routine which is 8 20 second periods of all out exertion with 10 seconds rest in between. Yes, only 4 minutes a day. This has the effect of turning your body into a fat burning furnace because you are burning fat at a higher rate long after the exercise is over.

If that routine is a little too difficult for you you can do your exercises in a circuit. For example, pull ups followed by dips, followed by renegade rows, followed by bench press. The important thing is that you only rest briefly between the exercises.

Source by Jim Conway

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