From Seed to Flower With the Debbie Chieco Pregnancy Diet

A baby, while still in the mother’s womb, may be likened to a seed. Although tiny and delicate at first, the seed has the possibility of growing into something beautiful and strong after some time; perhaps a colorful flower, a bountiful tree that bears fruit, or a vegetable plant. This growth, however, cannot take place if the seed does not receive the proper care and nourishment that it needs. Just as with the seed, a baby also needs to receive plenty of care, nutrients, vitamins and minerals in order to develop into a strong, healthy person. One way in which the pregnant mother can ensure the proper growth and development of her child is by choosing a pregnancy diet plan that would provide both her and the baby with the nutrition that they need and deserve. The Debbie Chieco Pregnancy Diet Plan would help address this need, as it would provide the baby with suitable nourishment, while at the same time, maintaining the health of the mother.

A gardener who plants a seed looks forward to seeing how the flower, tree or plant would grow, how it would look like, and how beautiful it would be. In the same way, a pregnant mother waits until she can finally meet her baby with much eagerness, although with some trepidation. While the baby is still in her womb, she would want to take all measures necessary in order to make sure that the baby is delivered as a normal, healthy and strong being, free from complications. Observing the Debbie Chieco Pregnancy Diet would ease the mother of her earlier anxieties, as the diet would consist of only meals and food selections that would promote the health of both the mother and the baby. If this diet is carefully followed, the mother need not have any worries about how her baby will become, as the baby will have fully developed organs and will be in an excellent state of health.

The following are some meal and food selection pointers in the Debbie Chieco Pregnancy Diet:

o Have 6-9 daily servings of fortified grains to provide fiber, B-vitamins and iron.

o Have 7 daily servings of fruits and vegetables in order to obtain necessary nutrients as well as to be able to digest food more easily.

o Have 3 daily servings of food rich in protein.

o Have 3 or more daily servings of milk or other fluids rich in calcium.

Aside from providing the expectant mother with a rundown of the foods that she should eat, the Debbie Chieco Pregnancy Diet also specifies the foods that should be avoided. Avoiding these foods would help keep the mother’s immune system in tip-top shape, allowing her to easily fight off any infections that could have serious threats to her and her baby’s health.

o Avoid sugar-rich foods such as candies and sweetened cereals.

o Limit intake of fatty foods.

o Refrain from eating meat or seafood that is raw, undercooked or ground, as the bacteria in it could pose health risks. If eating ground-meat products such as burgers, ensure that it is fully cooked.

o Avoid drinking unpasteurized beverages.

o Reduce the intake of coffee and other caffeine-rich beverages, as this could affect the heart rate of the baby.

o Consult with a doctor first before taking in any herbal products.

Following a healthy diet plan such as the Debbie Chieco Pregnancy Diet and paying close attention to the details in all the stages of the baby’s growth in the womb would pave the way for a healthy, happy future for both the mother and the baby.

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