Functions and Advantages of Microchip PIC Microcontroller

Microchip PIC microcontroller is a device which is used in electronics media. PIC belongs to the family of microcontrollers which are made by microchip technology. The word PIC here means peripheral interface controller. The PIC are popular and in high demand throughout the world because of the attributes it contains like it is widely available, it has low cost, it is a large user base device, it can work as an extensive collection of application notes, the development tools associated with it are free of cost sometimes available at low cost, and serial programming capability. These are some of the excellent functions of microchip PIC microcontroller. The electronic devices are gaining popularity day by day round the globe because in recent days, this is an era of increasing innovation and technology development.

The microchip PIC is characterized by few other attributes which are as follows: separate coding and data spaces. The instructions in small numbers of fixed length, most of the instructions are single cycle execution, one accumulator, all RAM locations, hardware stack for storing return addresses; it is a fairly small amount of data space which is extended through banking. Moreover data space mapped CPU, port and peripheral registers and the program counter is also mapped in to the data space and writable, it is used to implement indirect jumps. Some of the advantages of using microchip microcontroller are: it needs to give small instructions, RISC architecture, built in oscillator with selectable speeds, easy entry level makes it user friendly, the low cost and inexpensive nature of the chips allows every individual to buy it. Additionally, it includes wide range of interfaces including I2C, SPI, USB, USART, A/D, programmable comparators, PWM, LIN, CAN and PSP.

Most of the people do not know that from where to buy microchip PIC, there are many modes to buy this PIC, you can have online modes and manual ways. The manual ways are mostly used in buying such items so that one can attach the chip to its system and can check numerous PICs that which one gets fit into the space available for. On the other hand some people still refers to buy through online channels, there are several online websites which allows you to buy through them. You just have to select the most appropriate PIC and can place the order. The items would be delivered to your home. The buying of these microchips PIC are not time consuming nor are they cost consuming, your plenty of data get restore in few seconds.

Some of the limitations attached to the usage of microchip PIC could be: it has one accumulator, register bank switching is required to access the entire RAM of many devices, operations are not orthogonal, and some of its constructions can address RAM while others only make use off the accumulator.

However, the latest devices in this technology section have come with several improvements and they do not contain the similar drawbacks like the old ones. One of the examples of latest device which comes up in full complete usage form is PIC18.

Source by Ellis A Gregor

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