Furniture Design Trends of 2008 – Top 10

People love to think about what’s hot and what’s not, both in fashion, car style, and don’t forget home design and furniture trends that define the essence of your home. Fashion is about style and preference of product that makes you feel a certain way. And car trends go from getting a sports car to a SUV, and also the hottest color is no longer silver anymore, it is Pearl white for luxury cars. Now let’s get into the topics on the 2008 fashion, style, and color of furniture and design trends that will make you a design professional.

Strong mix and match colors. Of course you can mix colors like red and green or else your home would look like a home from a Dr. Seuss story. But popular colors you see at stores like Bloomingdales are using it, such as Black and White and Silver. Contrasting colors add depth to your decor and you should choose colors from matching palettes, such as contrasting earth tones, or baby colors, etc.

“X” Marks the spot. I remember the XO dining tables and coffee tables back in 2000 and as fashion trends come back and rotate by decades, the X seems to be marking the spot in 2008. You will begin to see it in many featured furnishings from retailers and manufacturers, but before a lot of metal was used and now wood seems to be the material of choice for the X.

Exotic Style. Don’t you like going to eat Thai food or Moroccan food? Or at least curious about trying it out? Well, furniture is getting to be the same in home design too. Trends are moving toward furnishing homes with the more tropical, exotic, and simple styles of tribes and countries with a different taste of culture and heritage. You can find items in this category like dark weaved wicker or rattan, or items made of bamboo, or Oriental carvings and accents. If you don’t want to make a long term investment in matching up this piece, you can go for some pillows that you can swap out when you get tired of them.

“Super-size” it. Many designers preach proportion and balance in their design. But as trends move toward things like “odd number of shelving” for wall decor, same goes for the size of your furniture, such as an oversized sectional or coffee-table ottoman. But be sure leave enough room in your floor plan or else your home will just look small, but with the super size factor in a focused piece of furniture it will help you center your design as you make your furniture choices.

Spirituality. Yoga? Zen? It is continuing to be a main theme in design and especially now when the public is focusing on an eco-design and eco-friendly world. Placing Yoga, Zen, spiritual and meditation elements into your design is a great way to ring in the 2008 eco-centric concepts that everyone is raving about.

Well, these are just some of the basic furniture and design trends of 2008 and hopefully will help you define your home that sports a pro-designer look.

Source by Eric Lan

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