Garden Lighting For Autumn & Winter

A well laid out lighting plan can make your garden a magical and enchanting place to either be in if the weather allows or just to look at from the warmth and comfort of the indoors. The whole character of a garden can be changed at night adding a new dimension to specimen plants, water features, ponds, terraced gardens and pathways. ‘Painting with light’ will allow you to create drama and beauty in your garden year round. The addition of garden lighting also enhances the safety aspect of your garden and reduces risks by lighting walkways, decking, pools and a host of landscaping features. Lighting your garden for the autumn and winter can enhance the colour and beauty of the wonderful autumnal colours and enhance the structure of your garden in the winter months.

Garden lighting is one aspect that remains a bit of a mystery to most gardeners. Most leave electric lighting well out of their gardens, opting instead for solar lights, candles, Gel Burners and oil lanterns. If you go to the extra effort and lay some cables light can totally transform a garden space. There are basically two systems that you can opt for: a 240-volt system that runs straight from the mains or a 12-volt system that runs from a mains powered socket and through a transformer.

With our 12 volt garden lighting system from Luxform you can easily and safely add extra atmosphere in your garden. There are lights for every part of your garden from lighting to illuminate paths and steps to lights which are specially designed to pick out a certain features or planting groups.

Our lighting range offers you a great range of garden lighting to suit your individual style. The lights are available in all kind of different models and materials, with a large assortment of accessories and spare parts.

Installing 12 volt lighting could not be easier with the easy connect system in only a few simple steps you can light up your garden. This simple system ensures lower installation costs saving money on costly electrician fees, armoured cable runs, etc. The low voltage system and cables are also much safer with no danger to children and pets.

The secret of good lighting is to not over do it, and really planning how it can work for your space. The best systems wash light around the garden, so that you’re really not sure where it’s coming from, creating ambiance and atmosphere. For example, backlighting will cause a plant or structure to be silhouetted in a light’s beam. Shadowing is a technique that really illustrates that light is just as noticeable by its absence as by its presence. If you shine a light at an object at a particular angle, then its shadow will be thrown against a wall, fence or other surface. By moving the light closer or further away from the object you’ll alter the shape and size of the shadows too.

A technique called ‘grazing’ on rough surfaces like dry stone walling is a great technique. Grazing is achieved by throwing light at an angle onto a wall, surface or other hard landscaping feature, to emphasize its texture. Fences or hurdles of woven hazel or willow lit in this way look fantastically effective.

Source by Mark J Spencer

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