Garden Stepping Stones That Spice Up Your Path

A gardener landscape path offers an experience that extends and invitation to somewhere and changes one’s mood as they move in that direction. In many cases even grass paths can become unwalkable unless there’s a outdoor stone walk way.

This nature adventure allows for endless possibilities for placement. There is no wrong or right arrangements so let your creativity wander. You can place outdoor stepping stones across your lawn that disappear behind shrubbery to add depth to a small yard.

Create visual interest at a statue or birdbath by adding a path of outdoor stone from the walk way to the focal point. A path spurring off your walk way can make your gardener landscape path more interesting and give the appearance of your yard being much larger.

On a very steep hill or terrace you can dig an occasional outdoor stepping stones into the path as you weave them back and forth across the slop, taking the drama out of the steepness of the walk way. Outdoor stone staircases are exciting garden features.

By placing them into the landscape and overlapping the outdoor stepping stones it will stand out visually and give a pronounced sense of detail and style. Lay your gardener landscape path of outdoor stone in three different ways, straight onto dirt, onto a layer of sand or concrete, or onto a foundation of rock and gravel.

If the area is steep it is best to anchor the stones into the ground. A few different textured outdoor stepping stones scattered in a rock garden can add to your wildflower placement. Use the outdoor stone as edging around your gardener landscape or underneath a archway creating the illusion of depth.

Source by Mary C Burroughs

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