Georgia Republicans ramp up voter intimidation efforts with 4,000 volunteers to ‘ballot watch’

Republicans are suing to implement “two very important sides of the Georgia Election Code governing the rights of duly appointed ballot watchers and statutory safeguards attending the usage of poll ‘drop containers’ as a way of absentee voting. The RNC argues that it’s “entitled to entry or view video surveillance of drop field areas in actual time, or as close to actual time as practicable.”

All of this, in fact, is about who’s doing the voting the Republicans wish to suppress: the Black group. Republican state officers already ensuring of that. They’ve tried to slash voting precincts in Cobb County, the state’s third-largest by way of inhabitants, closing many polling locations in Black and Latino communities. They solely partially succeeded in that effort due to the intervention of voting rights group.

Then there’re the Republican candidates with the bullhorns the place dogwhistles was once. It is made simpler for them with Rev. Raphael Warnock on the poll. They are saying it out loud: “[Raphael] Warnock provides you much more to goal at than [Jon] Ossoff, particularly on acquainted themes that resonate with G.O.P. audiences,” one Republican strategist told The New York Instances. “Ossoff is simply too uninteresting to make a helpful political caricature of.” By “acquainted themes that resonate” he means racist tropes, in case that wasn’t already loud sufficient.

There’s just one approach to combat this. There’s solely ever been a technique: arrange. That is what Stacey Abrams and Fair Fight, Jon Ossoff, Raphael Warnock, and the Democratic Social gathering is doing. You possibly can assist.

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