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Since many years, the West Coast has been sporting lightweight, colorful, woven mufflers round the year. These mufflers are not worn to curb the chills, rather, they make the wearer look chic and fashionable. Generally, women fling them over a tee, drape them over a shirt or wear them in a crisscrossed way over blazers. Shades of crimson, coral, gold, geranium, russet, earth and sea add drama to skin and clothing. No wonder that the trend is spreading rapidly to the East too!

According to shops in Madison Avenue, mufflers are the new pick-me-ups when it comes to the spring collection. Of course, mega stores include selections from famous names like Pamela Whitlock, Mary Troeger and Randall Darwall. Typically, these classic pieces cost $100 or more a piece. For instance, Randal Darwall’s honeycomb weave costs $150 a piece. So does Young’s rainbow colored raw silk muffler.

Mufflers are chic fashion statements because they may be worn in different styles. Indeed, many women even use their muffler like a necklace wrapping it artfully around their neck so that their attire looks attractive yet suitably restrained. To that end, mufflers are embellished beautifully. Some are even trimmed with beads and pearls. No wonder weavers from New York and New England are enjoying their sale of ‘spring mufflers’. Mind you, there was a time when mufflers were the last things you’d associate with spring!

Mufflers are a hit not just because they look attractive but also because they provide a much needed break from heavy jewelry. They nicely frame the T-shirt and are able to accent lapels and collars in a sophisticated manner. So, whether you want to look ultra casual or super cool, the right use of mufflers is all you need to carry off the look. Why, you can even use mufflers in the corporate setting, establishing a feminine yet formal look.

Since mufflers are available in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes, it is only natural that women need as many pieces of these as they have tees and dresses. In fact, a different muffler can make a worn dress look pretty and fresh. Thus, these fashion accessories are very handy.

However, buying mufflers at their original price may be an expensive option for many. Instead, many people prefer to buy mufflers wholesale. When they buy wholesale mufflers, they are able to avail of attractive discounts. This is particularly true of online markets where overhead costs are comparatively low and sellers have a direct relationship with weavers and manufacturers. So, the next time you want mufflers, buy wholesale mufflers. They are the easiest ways to look beautiful without sacrificing your week’s pay!

Source by Alice M Shown

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