Gifts for Dads and Fathers

Father’s Day comes around just once a year, but there are many other days on which one can purchase a gift for dad or gift for husband – birthday, anniversary of first date, anniversary of moving in together, wedding anniversary – oh, the list is endless.

When thinking of what to give a father, all you need to do is think about what he needs the most. Does he wear a suit and go to work from 9 to 5? Does he work with his hands on a farm or as a mechanic? What does he like to do in his leisure time? Is he a sports fan? Is he a foodie? A techie? Is he in to men’s fashions or does he like to chill out in shorts and a t-shirt?

Once you answer these questions, the decision on what gift to give becomes relatively easy.

Fashion dad

Businessmen who wear suits to work want to look stylish. Designer cufflinks have always been popular – they are one of the few pieces of jewelry that are in fashion for businessmen. Ever since men started wearing French cuffs, they’ve needed to wear cufflinks to keep those cuffs tight against the wrist, and the man chose the ornamentation on the cufflinks to match his own individual style.

Within the last few years he collar stay has been updated to the 20th century.

A collar stay is a rigid strip of metal or plastic inserted into pockets on the underside of a man’s collared shirt, which ensures that the collar comes to a nice point on either end – there’s nothing more embarrassing than walking into a meeting of one’s peers with a collar with the points askew!

Collar-links can be considered cufflinks for the collar, and consist of a stud button which consists of an ornamental side, which can be made of precious metal or semi-precious stone or some ornate design, and a fastener which can be of the pin type or even consist of magnetic technology. These collar links are affixed near the points of each collar.

Lapel pins are also an up-and-coming men’s fashion accessory. Pins with a head of semiprecious stone such as lapis lazuli, tiger’s eye or mother of pearl are quite striking and can compliment the collar-links.

Sports dad

Sports dad will love a jersey or cap from his favorite team. Autographed baseballs or footballs are always popular. Just spending the day walking the golf course and spending quality time together can be priceless.

Foodie dad

It’s a myth that men don’t like to cook anything except barbecue – although it’s true that the outdoor barbecue is a family tradition remembered fondly by the kids long after they’ve grown up and moved away. Tools to make barbecuing easier are always welcome. If he’s a techie dad as well as a foodie dad, there are all sorts of tools to make cooking easier, from those knives that are guaranteed to cut through metal and then be able to filet a fish with ease, to non-stick pots for making individual servings of baked potatoes or eggs in the microwave.

Whatever gift you choose to give your boyrfriend, husband or father, as long as it comes from the heart it will be appreciated.

Source by Barbara Peterson

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