GIGO's Men's Underwear: A Melting Pot of Men's Fashion

Columbia is a melting pot of men's fashion, especially if you consider just how many top brands of men's underwear come from companies that, owners whom, designers whom, and everyone in between whom originate in Columbia-Columbia is the Paris and New York of men's underwear, the Mecca of the modern man strutting what he's got in style for that special someone, even if that special someone is in fact himself. So, it's no wonder that another high end brand is born from the womb of sunny Columbia: the 2004 company of GIGO Underwear.

Of The People

GIGO can be known for comfort. GIGO can be known for style. All in all, GIGO can be known for snug, stylish men's underwear that fit like a glove, but what makes GIGO so different, what defines the GIGO brand is that it is more "of the people" than most other brands.

How so? Any company can have a CEO and run the business like and only like a business, providing a product; GIGO is a company that provides a service-comfort through men's underwear, style through men's underwear, confidence through men's underwear. Well again, how so? Prove it! Fine-Javier Ortega, the designer of GIGO men's underwear, was, in fact, an underwear model in his youth. While modeling for a plethora of different, Columbian underwear brands, from the high end to the Everyman's brand, Ortega (or simply Javier as he is known on the GIGO official website that further showcases Javier "of the people" by using his first, casual name) was able to realize what works for men's underwear, what does not work for men's underwear, and what may have potential for men's underwear. Through experience, Javier, a man of the underwear clientele (the people), was able to design some of the best quality out there in the world of men's underwear.

That's all fine and dandy-a designer who not only knows what sells, but why they sell. This does not mean Javier and by extension GIGO is not stuck up, arrogant, and telling and forcing the people, underwear wearing clientele, what is hip and what is not. True, very true. Here's the thing, though-the personal email of Javier Ortega, official designer, co-owner and partner of GIGO Underwear, is on the official website. If you have a complaint, a suggestion, or a question that might lead to answers that everyone in the underwear clientele populace could profit from, email the official man of the people when it comes to men's fashion regarding underwear.

GIGO Itself

Ok, so now you know "who" GIGO is, but "what" is GIGO? GIGO is a "color explosion," as Javier Ortega puts it in the official website of the company-there is nothing subtle about the looks of these underwear. If you want a quality item that looks stylish and vibrant, look no further. Plus, don't forget that splashes of color appear on all lines of GIGO underwear, from Boxer Trunks to Briefs, from Jockstraps to Thongs and G-String of all things, even swimwear, a choice that is gaining momentum in popularity as a form of men's underwear for one reason or another.

Let's say you're not convinced-there are plenty of Columbian brands full of flashy color. Sure, but most of the high end brands and lines are pretty well known, and what will set you, the owner of a GIGO pair of underwear, is that GIGO Underwear is still a well kept secret in the states. Only for the last year or two has GIGO become a well known name in the United States. In other words, you can own a hush-hush "secret" product of a "secret" and hush-hush brand while still wearing high end material and look, as if the company was anything but a well kept hidden jewel of men's fashion.

Source by E. Shem

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