Give Yourself Space to Appreciate Your Evolution

I learned about the merits of a Victory Log from a fellow executive coach, Colin Holbrow ( A Victory Log is that wonderful space on paper where you can record your accomplishments, your shifts in perspective, and your insights that remind you that you are forever evolving. A Victory Log can be used as your very own source of inspirational reading.

So often, we look outside of our Self for inspiration. The need for continuous feedback from others becomes like an addiction. Similar to the effects of other addictions, we feel the craving for one more hit!

In the mad pace of our lives, we complete one project and move right on to another without giving ourselves time and space to bask in our success and acknowledge how well we are doing. The rush of our lives become like the “rush” of one more addiction hit – numbing.

I have found that sitting in my Quiet Room is ideal for recalling, appreciating, and recording my big and little victories. I give myself space physically and emotionally to savor those victories as the motion of my hand blends with the paper.

I encourage you to do the same. When you need reinforcement, inspiration, or encouragement, I invite you to seek it from within. Read your Victory Log. Going for a new job or a promotion? Read your Victory Log. Moving out of your comfort zone? Read your Victory Log.

My Victory Log is a history of the little steps, the leaps, and the monumental breakthroughs that are markers in my evolution. To quote the jingle from the 1960’s television show The Beverley Hillbillies, I am now going to sit-a-spell and give myself time and space to appreciate how I have evolved.

How will you appreciate how you evolved this week?

Source by Patricia A. Muir

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