Gogo Boots – A Time Honored Classic

Gogo boots are not just a 60s throw back. The stylish boots have enjoyed something of a rebirth in recent years, with a few updates for modern looks, of course. The term “gogo” is derived from the French “à gogo” which is a modern expression meaning ‘abundance’ and taken from “la gogue,” meaning happiness. The term was first applied to dancers in the mid sixties, but was later applied to the boot style commonly worn by those same dancers.

Characterized by knee high height and low or flat heels, these shoes were favored in the 60’s for their accentuating affect on the wearer’s legs. Coupled with micro minis, the boots helped to highlight a woman’s leg which had previously been covered to below the knee. Gogo boots were also the first incarnation of fashionable boots as opposed to functional boots for riding or working activities. Until the 60’s, boots were something women wore to work around the farm or in the city during snow or rain. Now they are everyday footwear.

While white plastic or leather gogo boots were a hit in the United States, a similar trend took hold in England. Black kink boots became popular and were almost exact opposite of the gogo. While stereotypically white, kink boots were black. Gogo boots had low or flat heels and squared toes, kink boots had spiked heels and pointy toes. The two fashion trends helped usher in the boot as everyday footwear that modern women currently enjoy.

Gogo boots inspired many of today’s modern boot styles. However, the term gogo is normally only used to describe knee high boots worn with short bottoms such as skirts or shorts. Many of today’s knee high fashion boots began from the simple gogo or kink styles. The traditional gogo boot, however, can still be found in modern times. In fact, many NFL cheerleading squads include versions as part of their uniform.

Today’s retro fashion trends have brought back the popularity of traditional gogo boots. However, white is no longer the stereotypical color. Browns, blacks, and other earth tone colors are popular, especially coupled with gauchos, denim mini skirts, Capri pants, and some styles of shorts. Today’s boots bear a striking resemblance to cropped riding boots common in English riding stables. However, even the traditional white gogo boots have enjoyed something of a comeback, showing on the feet of some of today’s top celebrities.

Source by Allison Rossino

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