Good Recommended Food to Eat for Diabetes

Diabetic patient should eat according to directions, either from dietitians or nutritionists. In other to maintain your sugar level. A kidney bean is a good food for patient, it has a very good fiber and it is very rich in carbohydrates. This food is a good food that stimulates production of insulin. The following foods are very good to diabetes patients, wheat flour, plantain, fruits, vegetables, three crown milk (less in fat). Here are some samples of menu.


120ml of orange juice or grape fruit
2 wraps of moi-moi (about 150)
Tea or coffee with milk but no sugar

Lunch / Dinner:

Fish or meat stew
Boiled beans
Fruits or vegetable salad
Meat or chicken stew
Boiled plantains
Fruit drink

Onions and soya beans are good source to trim down the sugar levels. In time past, soya beans have been detected to be good source of nutrition, and have been prescribed at different nutritional needs. Its richness in protein and low in fat and starch also makes it regulate and reduce the quality of urinary sugar in diabetes. One of the good home remedies is onion, here when eating it trim down the sugar level. Know fully well that it has been discovered as an antibiotic.

When a diabetic patient is placed under food supplement with vegetables, the patient is also advised to avoid, smoking and drinking of alcohol. Fatty foods should be avoided, while fruit and juice should be encouraged to be taken. The natural way which is exercise and proper diet?

Source by Rita Chibuzor

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