Google and Microsoft’s Rivalry, Big Gain For Web Development Companies

Let me first congratulate both of the big companies offering free products to make the life easy for web development enthusiast. The free web development kits by both companies could be a result of rivalry but that’s proved to be great gain for web developers. It’s now easy to use those applications on websites and providing great experience to the visitors.

Let me describe some great products and services by giant companies.

Google Products and Services.

Google Maps: If you are a developer, you must have come across an API offered by Google maps, that API helps you display maps of your desired locations on your site. Just go to Google Maps, check the integration guidelines and see how easy it is to give an astonishing look to a simple site.

Microsoft Virtual Earth : The response to Google maps from Microsoft it Microsoft Virtual Earth now known as Bing Maps, the SDK and use the robust map features on your website, be happy and make your customer happy with maps. Bird’s eye view is my favorite.

Google Calendar API: Google have a great working calendar for web, the same could be made available on your website so your visitors or your employees can use it online on your website, check Google Calendar API  . Ask a Web developer, how much time he would have taken to develop similar application, don’t dare :-)

Microsoft Azure Platform: This is the platform provided online and offline by Microsoft for web development community. Windows Azure is providing developers with the ability to host, scale, and manages their Web based applications on the Internet through data centers of Microsoft. check microsoft azure , Making life easy for web developer seeking expensive testing platforms for their applications.

Google Visualization API: Display your data in graphical manner, make your customers happy to see some attractive graphical data of your applications. search for Google visualization which is saving hundreds of hrs of development time for web developers.

So believe it or not, but the vast number of applications and products from Google and Microsoft coming free on internet is not a surprise, its rivalry that is going in favor web development geeks. If it was just a one company, web developers would have ended up paying thousands or millions to get those resources.

Source by Mahendra Sharma

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