GOP plan to nullify the election was overtly fascist; Texas bounty searching begins

It seems Trump needed Pence to easily declare that the votes fo seven Biden-won states have been invalid, thus giving Trump the win. That was actually the grand extent of the Trump crew’s plan—for Pence to stage a one-man coup.

Within the information immediately: A memo describing the “plan” Trump and Republican allies drafted to overturn Trump’s election loss has been uncovered. What was the plan? For Mike Pence to unilaterally declare that the votes of seven American states—all received by Biden—did not depend, declare Trump was, due to this fact, the winner, and … that is it. That was the plan. In the event you have been nonetheless below the impression that these individuals have been something however brick-headed authoritarian crackpots, put together to be disabused of the notion.

In different information, Texas anti-abortion activists are professing to be outraged that the state’s new bounty hunter regulation is getting used to hunt bounties, Republican governors proceed to do their stage finest to ensure pandemic deaths of their states will proceed to rise, and the Home choose committee investigating January 6 is about to push issues together with a brand new barrage of subpoenas.

This is a few of what you could have missed:

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