GOP Women In South Carolina Are ‘Embarrassed’ By Lindsey Graham And Flocking To Democrats

Republican women in South Carolina are so turned off by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) that they’re taking their support to his Democratic opponent, Jaime Harrison.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Saturday, Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina said he’s talked to GOP women in his state who say they are “embarrassed” by Graham and are working to unseat him.

“There are a lot of Republican women that I’ve talked to who tell me that they are embarrassed by some of what’s been going on recently,” Rep. Clyburn said. “They are organizing for Jaime Harrison.”


Rep. Clyburn said:

I sat with Jaime Harrison yesterday, talking about some of this. Jaime, as you know, has announced that he’s going to challenge Sen. Graham and from the response that he’s getting from all over South Carolina, I think that people are chomping at the bit, looking for an opportunity to demonstrate to Sen. Graham that they want a higher standard for their representative in Washington. All of us ought to be interested in a fair process, all of us ought to be interested in gathering facts about anything, and all of us ought to be interested in giving a real honest assessment of any kind of issue that comes before our respective bodies. So Jaime Harrison has been taking very close watch of all of this. There are a lot of Republican women that I’ve talked to who tell me that they are embarrassed by some of what’s been going on recently. They are organizing for Jaime Harrison. I think we are going to find out very soon exactly what the majority of South Carolinians feel about this kind of representation. I hope it is one that will give honor to good, proper service in the United States Congress.

Lindsey Graham is a Trump puppet

There are few Republicans in Congress who have been as shameless in their support of Donald Trump than Lindsey Graham. Over the last few years, he has tried to make himself the Devin Nunes or Jim Jordan of the U.S. Senate.

With impeachment headed toward the upper chamber of Congress for a trial, Graham has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t care about the facts surrounding the case. As I wrote last month, the South Carolina senator said he has no interest in even reading witness testimony that may incriminate the president.

All of this flacking for Trump might play well during the Fox News prime-time lineup, but it looks to be shaking up differently on the ground in South Carolina, with a new poll showing a toss-up race.

Winning a Senate seat in South Carolina will be an uphill climb for the Democrats, but traction among independents and Republican women could make it a real contest.

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