Guide to the Best Twelve 10th Anniversary Gifts to Buy in 2018

Ten year is the first major milestone that you celebrate with your loved one. It is definitely a must to celebrate 10 years of marriage with a worthwhile anniversary gift. It is said that the traditional gift for a 10th year anniversary is tin or aluminum. Tin or aluminum symbolizes preservation as it is the material often used to make metal container for food. The following are the best twelve 10th anniversary gifts ideas to buy in 2018.

1. Vintage Advertising Tin

Vintage advertising tin is best for a spouse whose hobby is collecting vintage canisters. These tins are used to package food during the 19th centuries. You can pair it with chocolates which you can put inside the tin when presenting the gift to your loved one. The tin is not only versatile for use as a container for dry food storage but it also works well as a decor on the kitchen cabinet. It can add some old farmhouse look to the kitchen.

2. Personalized Licensed Plate

Personalized licensed plate also makes a fun gift for your spouse. The license plate can be personalized with your favorite photo and feature the name of your loved one. Vintage style license plate can add a rustic feel like you are driving a vintage car. The license plate usually measures 12×6 and is printed on one side. It comes with four mounting holes making it easy for you to install or change when you want to take it down. It can be hung on the front of your car, truck and etc. If you don’t want to hang it on your car, you can hang it on the wall as a decor.

3. Tin Jewelry

Tin jewelry is an affordable jewelry that you can give to your wife as a keepsake for the anniversary. The fact that it is made from tin enables you to express your love without breaking the bank. Even if the necklace chain breaks, you will still be able to replace the chain without spending much money. Tin jewelry tends to look rustic because the design is hammered. It is recommended that you buy a necklace, or bangle if you are buying a tin jewelry for your loved one. If possible, you can have her name or a short message engraved on it to make it personalized.

4. The Wizard of Oz Illustration Tin Man

The Wizard of Oz Illustration Tin Man is the perfect gift for a 10th anniversary. The Tin Man is a kind and benevolent character from the classic movie titled The Wizard of Oz. In the illustration, the Tin Man puts his hand on his heart showing his affection which makes it a great way for you to express your love to him/her. The print can be customized with a few lines of your custom message. You will be able to customize the font style of the message. It tends to looks great in the living room or nursery room.

5. Aluminum Sunglasses

Aluminum sunglasses is a unisex gift suitable for giving him or her on a 10th anniversary celebration. The silver metallic frame is not only lightweight but also look cool. Aluminum sunglasses are cheap and can be purchased for around $10. The arms are made of aluminum with other metals as alloy to reinforce them. Sunglasses makes a perfect gift if your spouse often go on an outing under the sun. It shows that you care for your spouse eyes and want them to be protected from the UV ray of the sun.

6. Aluminum Wind Chime

Aluminum Wind chime makes a wonderful gift for your wife. You can put the wind chime on the entrance door or in the garden. When the wind blow, the chime will makes a peaceful music throughout the home. The wind chime can alert you when there is a mild or strong wind blowing in the neighborhood. The wind chimes are available in a variety of tunes. You can choose one that will make a special tune that your wife loves.

7. Apple Rose Gold Aluminum Watch

If your wife often workout in the outdoor, you can consider giving her an Apple rose gold aluminum watch. It comes with a matching rose gold case perfect for gift giving. The smartwatch can be connected to the iPhone allowing one to make and receive phone calls. It is also possible to send and receive SMS messages on the watch. The band is changeable to fit the hand of your wife. It comes with many extra features like weather, alarms, active and heart rate monitoring and other widgets.

8. Tin Rose

Tin rose is a traditional symbol of love that you can give to your loved on the 10th aluminum wedding anniversary. You should buy the one that is made from solid casted tin and not just plated tin if you want it to last for a long time. The stem can support the rose well and you can also slightly bend it when presenting it to your wife. You can put the tin rose in a vase on a table for all to see. Some tin roses come with a gift container for storage.

9. Rectangle Tin Cufflinks

Rectangle tin cufflinks is a practical gift for your husband if he regularly wear office clothes while at work. It features an etched 10 at the bottom and comes with a 10th wedding anniversary gift tin. The attractive pair of tin cuff links are made from pure tin and polished to ensure that they give out a shiny glow. It also comes with a note that explains why the gift is best for a 10th wedding anniversary. It will remind your loved one about you every time he wear the cufflinks.

10. Aluminum Vase

If you often give her flowers throughout the year, you should give her an aluminum vase. Aluminum vase not only looks chic but it is also break proof. Galvanized tin vase works great for wedding anniversary celebration. The tin will be the centerpiece of your home. It will add a barn and country and slightly worn look. Galvanized tin is perfect for putting fresh flower with long stems and grasses. It can easily blend in with almost any design of your decor.

11. Personalized Aluminum Family Sculpture

Personalized aluminum family sculpture is an abstract sculpture figurine that pictures your entire family. The figurine will feature you, your wife and children. It is a wonderful illustration of a happy home. You have to send in your photo so that the sculptor can create the figurine as close as possible to your family. Many custom aluminum sculpture is priced cheap because they are made with the metal cold cast process. It takes lesser time to create the figurine when it is created through the metal cold cast process.

12. Bicycle

If your husband loves cycling, you can upgrade his old bike by buying him a new bicycle. Before buying the bike, make sure you get his height and in seam measurement. The in-seam length is the distance from the crotch to the end of the leg. You will need these measurements to choose the right bike frame size. The bike must be at the right size in order for the rider to ride comfortably and stop safely.

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