HAI Flat Iron Vs Sedu Hair Straightener

It may be hard for you to decide on the type of flat iron hair straightener you need to use for your type of hair. That is particularly true because of the many brands that are available in the market today. If you want to look great and glamorous, you can use the HAI hair straightener or the Sedu. These hair straightening flat irons will make you great, prevent frizz factor, and turn your curly and wavy hair into smooth looking hair. Professional hairstylists recommend both but which is better? Read on to find out:

HAI Flat Iron Basic Features

There is no doubt about HAI straightener being high performing. It is the best in the market. They are both loved by ordinary users and hair experts as well. The company's CEO was once a former hairstylist and he made a resolve to come up with a type of flat iron that will suit all hair types with fast and efficient technology.

• High Ceramic plates with variable temperature settings

HAI straightener has different types of ceramic plates like sapphire which is found in most HAI convertible. This ceramic plate of HAI remains unbeatable in hairstyling as it provides equal heat distribution which makes your hair straight and smooth.

Also, HAI straightener has variable temperature from 140-410 degrees Fahrenheit which is good for different types of hair. For those women who have dry and fine hair, it is advisable to have lower temperature settings. For normal hair, a middle range is recommended. For thick hair, maximum heat is much needed to come up with a great body and shape for your hair.

If you're looking forward to buy the best hair straightener in the market, you should seriously consider buying a HAI flat iron. They are used by professional stylists and are top rated in many consumer reviews.

SEDU Flat Iron Basic Features

If you are wondering about how most celebrities get Sedu hairstyles that give way to smooth and silky hair, then it's high time you knew the Sedu ceramic flat iron. Who would have thought that Sedu hairstyles can be achieved right away not only from a salon and any high-maintenance styling tools but from a Sedu ceramic flat iron? It is a must-have styling device, if you want to have that Jennifer Aniston hair quick and easy.

• Patented Ceramic Tourmaline plates

What separates this product from the rest is its patented ceramic tourmaline plates which are distributed evenly in the iron. It heats your hair in just a minute without the need for any heat-up. The tourmaline does not dry up your hair follicles or cause further damage; instead it nurtures your hair from the roots, making it revitalized. Whatever type of hair you have, the SEDU will create amazing hairstyles for you.

Source by Caroline B Jones

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