Haircut Ideas to Match Your Personality

Numerous hairstyle magazines and web sites abound to help women get ideas for just the right hair cut for their facial features. Of course, all the styles in these magazines look absolutely fabulous on each of these models. The trick is to transfer one of the ideas that are so appealing from the many photographs to your every day life. It is helpful to understand some basics about choosing the right hairstyle so that you do not become a hairstyle casualty. As you search for an idea, you want to consider your lifestyle, your career choice, and the shape of your face as you decide what hairstyle would be your perfect cut.

First you should decide if you prefer a length that is long, medium, or short. But once that is decided, your decision making is not done by any means. Each length is associated with quite a variety of styles. The shape of your face and your individual facial features will play a significant role in what style is best for you. In addition to your facial features, you will also want to take your career into consideration. If you are constantly traveling or making presentations, you may want a style that is not only easy and quick to manage, but one that helps you achieve a professional look. Perhaps you will choose a sleek style. If you are in the fashion industry or a creative, marketing job, you might choose a style that expresses an artistic flair, perhaps a style with lots of curls.

Bangs are chosen by many women with long hair. With this style idea, your hair can be curly, naturally wavy, or straight. All these styles look great with bangs. If you have a round face, choose a long style that frames your face and narrows it. If you have an oval face, your face will be slightly longer so bangs will help to shorten your face. A slight layering at the ends will help to frame your face and soften features if you have a square face.

If you decide on short hair, it is very important to choose a style that compliments your face shape. It is equally important to think about your hair’s texture when deciding upon a short style. If your hair is thin, a bob cut gives a fuller appearance. If your hair’s texture is thick, layering will look fantastic in a short style.

Any idea you have for a hair style will be even better if you think about the shape of your face and the texture of your hair. The best hairstyles are the ones that fit your personality, lifestyle, face, and hair type. It is the whole picture together that creates an amazing looking you!

Source by Lisa Hunt

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