Hairstyles for Plus Size Women – Enhance Your Curves

Picking out a hairstyle is the same as picking out clothes. It has to be flattering, yet stylish. Plus sized women typically have rounder face shapes. The goal of any hairstyle should be to get the face to look oval and proportioned. Here are a few tips to help full figured women bring out their best facial features.

Short hair is never recommended. This accentuates the round face, and can add pounds to one's appearance. Instead hair should be shoulder length. Right above or a bit below the shoulder are both acceptable. Having the hair end a few inches below the chin will make the face look longer, therefore taking away from the roundness. The hair should never just be cut straight off in a typical chin length bob style. Ideally the cut should have depth to it. Soft layers and suitable angles work well with a longer bob. This hairstyle is a versatile one, giving plus sized women many options on how to style it. It can be straightened with a flat iron for a neat and polished look. It can also be worn as a flirty look using a curling iron with a one inch barrel. The curls add body, but having them spiral down from the scalp allows the look to still provide length instead of width. Having the curls sweep in different directions will look better around a double chin than ones that simply frame it.

Fringy or side swept bangs break up the face and take away from the round circular look. The important thing to remember is to not have straight bangs as straight, chunky bangs add to the width of the face, instead of the length. However there is one exception to this, straight bangs when paired with long hair can be extremely flattering for plus sized women. This hairstyle tends to box the face in, while the long locks accentuate the length of the face.

Adding shape to hairstyle is one of the most important tips for a plus size woman. The goal is too not have the face look like a circle. Parts should be worn on the side, even if it is just a slight side part. Middle parts tend to make the face look wider and should be avoided. A side part, which allows some of the hair to sweep the forehead, is a classic look that is perfect for a round face as it narrows the top of the head.

Cuts and styles are not the only thing to consider. While there is no one hair color that will make a face look smaller, the color does dictate how much the face stands out. Hair color should be matched to skin tone. A stylist can tell their clients if they are warm or cool toned, and which colors will blend best for them.

Every woman is different. Their height, neck length, and hair texture will have large effects on which hair styles suit them the best. There is no concrete way to know which one is going to work the best. Trying them out is the only way to find the one that is perfect. No matter what size or face shape a woman is, the ease of styling should be taken into consideration. A cut that looks stylish even on the days there is no time to curl or flat iron is always recommended. If it only looks good after spending an hour on it, it is not the right cut.

Source by Paul Jones

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