Handmade Gifts That Make You Smile!

There is something truly special about handmade gifts. And to know that what you wear is handmade is really special. Like in the old days where you went for a trip to the tailor-and had your bespoke outfit made. That is, if you could afford it!

The good news for you is that handmade has become affordable-to the point where you should ask yourself the question, how come I don't have more handmade?

In my work with the sewing and embellishing folk of Bali, I have come to learn the real strength in handmade. Every little detail is checked and perfected before a T-shirt passes final QA.

It's actually quite fascinating to watch real craftsmen and -women at work. You get to see how skilled they are at just one particular task. Like, some women may be beaders, and when they bead up an expensive evening dress with 4,000 beads it is a week-long task. Imagine making 12 dresses for a collection!

So, when you give handmade gifts, how do you reckon it makes the recipient of your gift feel? In the feedback from within our organization it shows. People love the handmade feel!

And-your handmade gift stands out from the rest. Most people ever only receive gifts they could have bought from the local shops. With handmade gifts they know that you were really thinking about making a difference.

And the best part? In most instances, a handmade gift doesn't cost the earth as it's done use low-tech or no-tech.

Who can you think of that you need to give a gift to in the next month or two? Why not do it now? And why not make it a handmade one.

Source by Mike Boorn

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