Happy New You Day!

Well – it’s THAT time of the year! A time when almost everyone is reflecting on the last year – and in the case of THIS year – a new DECADE!

The question is – how many times have you done it? And/or – how many times have you heard OTHERS do it?

You’ll say and/or hear others say things like:

“THIS year I’m going to lose those unwanted pounds!”

“THIS year I’m going to stop smoking!”

“THIS year I’m going to make more money!”

And the “THIS Year” statements just keep on coming!

At the time these goals and resolutions are made – they have a lot of power and enthusiasm behind them. But as time goes on – the motivation behind them starts to wear off. Then as soon as a slight error of judgement causes you to fall off the wagon – you decide you’ve broken the resolution and thus have to start over or just give up altogether.

Here’s where the problem occurs. Many times when people do make that error in judgement – they say to themselves, “Well – I’ve blown it! I might as well (Insert Resolution Topic Here. Example – smoke or eat bad food.) – and start again on…” And that’s where many people insert:

“On Monday”

“Next Week”

“The First of the Month”

Or in the worse case scenario –

“Next YEAR”

There are several things wrong with doing this to yourself!

By saying you’ll start at a later date – you’re basically telling yourself that it’s OK to continue on with the error(s) in judgement that you’re SAYING you want to stop. And in reality – if you don’t immediately correct the situation – you most likely won’t get back on track.

So that brings us to the title of this article – “Happy New YOU Day!”

What if EVERY day were New Year’s Day? Or to target it even tighter – New YOU Hour, Minute, or even SECOND?!? How would you treat your goals and resolutions then?

Keep in mind – today is NO different that any other day! The only reason it’s a milestone day is because we celebrate it as such. You CAN make EVERY day, hour, minute, and second a celebration if you choose!

And you SHOULD choose to do just that!

And while we’re on the words “Goals” and “Resolutions” – ELIMINATE them from your vocabulary! Why? One of my mentors – Bill Bartmann – explains that 70% of all goals that are set are missed! But – 98% of promises are hit! So as opposed to making goals – make PROMISES to yourself!

You might think why does that work? And here’s why it makes a difference. Our brains file away EVERYTHING we do! And when we make a goal – our brains kick into action and look at all the other goals we’ve made. There’s a good chance goals had been made several times in the past – and weren’t completed. At that time – without even knowing all the complex calculations going on in our head – we act on what our brains come up with as a call to action. And since our goals haven’t been a priority in the past – they have the same urgency for the future.

But when you assign the word “Promise” to something – our brains kick into a whole new path! It looks into those same files and finds out that we’ve kept the majority of promises we’ve made and also sees that we’ve put much more passion into achieving them! At that point – it turns up the heat getting the job done because that’s how it’s programmed to do so!

With ALL that said – from here on out – make PROMISES not goals!

And when you make an error in judgement – IMMEDIATELY correct yourself and start fresh at THAT MOMENT!

Do that – and EVERY Day can be a New YOU Day!

Source by Wes Wyatt

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