Have Your Efforts to Jump Higher Failed You

Using the correct training, alongside shoes to make you jump higher, you can certainly be soaring to new heights very quickly, in no time at all. When training, switching between forward, backward, lateral and vertical movements will help you jump higher, because doing so creates explosive power for you to leap beyond your competition.

A high vertical jump is a crucial element for success in sports, regardless of what sport or what position you play. The height of your vertical jump might be the difference between scoring points and losing possession of the ball.

Along with a solid training strategy, shoes to make you jump higher can certainly increase your vertical jump. Here are a few to consider:

1. Concept 1 Basketball Shoes

Concept 1 Basketball Shoe manufacturer, Athletic Propulsion Labs Inc. claims these particular shoes enhance your vertical jump by around 3½ inches in your jumping height. Despite the name, Concept 1 Basketball Shoes could very well be worn for other sports besides basketball. Concept 1 Basketball Shoes, now banned by the National Basketball Association, contain a device in the forefoot of the shoe that absorbs after which releases energy similar to a spring.

2. Nike Hyperdunks

Nike’s Hyperdunk basketball sneaker is undoubtedly an ultra-lightweight, high-top shoe that is made to make you jump higher…as high as possible, says Nike. Manufactured using high-tech material called fly wire that was created by NASA for space suits, coupled with being very light, Hyperdunks are very light-weight and have a springy full-length mid-sole built to optimize your jumping ability. Hyperdunks weigh 13 oz., while the average basketball shoe weighs 16 to 18 oz.

3. Jumpsoles

Jumpsoles, from Jump USA, are half-shoes that strap on over your normal sneakers, and are specifically designed to increase your ability to jumper higher. Jumpsoles raise your heels, which means that your workouts are more thorough and strengthens your calf muscles. Jumpsoles are meant to be worn during training and are not allowed in competition.

4. Strength Shoes

Strength Shoes are high-top athletic sneakers with platforms that are part of the forefoot. Very similar to the Jumpsoles, this shoe’s platform keeps your weight on your toes, placing greater weight on your calf muscles for maximum effectiveness. This increased workload is made to develop your leg muscles’ strength to make you jump higher. Strength Shoes are a workout tool and not meant to be worn during competition. They are manufactured by Strength Footwear of Metairie, Louisiana.

Additionally, speed and strength are also essential components for jumping higher. Here is an exercise that is designed to get you jumping higher in 8 weeks.

If you want to learn to jump higher in basketball, volleyball or any such sport, this workout is for you. It’s called the No Arms Hop.

  • Place hands on the back of your head
  • while jumping up, also lift your leg upwards;
  • Your knees should touch your chest while you are jumping, then let your legs down when you touch the ground; and
  • Do 1 SET of 10 REPS. Complete this routine twice a week with resting cycles in-between each day you exercised. In just a few weeks, you will begin to notice a change in your jumping abilities.

Source by Rebecca Mack

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