Having Fun With Lolita Accessories

Lolita fashion has gained more and more popularity throughout the years. Said to have started sometime in 1970’s, the Lolita fashion has seen an increase in supporters because popular bands like Malice Mizer have started coming out donning Lolita outfits. A Lolita outfit is said to have an intricate design, following the beauty and elegance of the Victorian and Rococo eras. Contrary to what Lolita cosplayers portray, a true-blue Lolita fan does not show too much skin and has a style that leans towards the cute rather than the sexy. Aside from the expensive materials used in creating a Lolita outfit, the accessories also make a whole Lolita ensemble hard to put together. Yes, they may be expensive but no Lolita get-up will be complete without accessories.

The Lolita fashion comes in different variants – gothic, classic, and punk – and the type of Lolita accessory you will buy has to depend on which specific Lolita look you want to achieve. Of course, there are staple Lolita accessories that are a must when starting a Lolita fascination. Next to the outfit itself, the shoes define a true blue Lolita. Chunky heels or platforms and even Mary Janes are popular Lolita shoe choices. Couple these with knee-high or over-the-knee socks and your Lolita’s feet look will be complete.

Headpieces are also key to achieving the authentic Lolita look. Since people are into simplicity these days, having a headpiece allows one to be set back into the past of elegance and beauty. The most popular Lolita headpiece will be the Alice Bow, where one can opt to put two small bows on each side of the head or one huge bow on top. Mini hats or crowns and ribboned oval fabrics are also good choices for a Lolita headpiece.

Lolita accessories need not be only about aesthetics; they may also be about functionality. And when you are going out, a Lolita purse will be utterly necessary. Parasols – the kind that may protect you from the sun and not the kind that can be bought at a toy store and are too lacey or wedding-like – may also compliment your Lolita style. Jewelries also bring a nice touch to the over-all Lolita look.

Always remember that when putting up a Lolita outfit, your accessories should be in harmony with the rest of your clothes. A true Lolita style is matching the pieces together. No one outfit should go against the entire look. If you’re one of those trying to get started on the Lolita bandwagon, have fun picking out those accessories!

Source by Miroslav Versegi

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