Having Gun Means ‘Extra Prone to Be Sufferer of Gun Violence’

In season two of CW’s Within the Darkish, Murphy (Perry Mattfeld), Jess (Brooke Markham), and Felix (Morgan Krantz) are within the shady enterprise of laundering cash for crime boss Nia (Nicki Micheaux). To higher shield himself, Felix decides to borrow a gun from his mom.

Felix’s mom is considered a cold-hearted conservative who reduce her son off financially. She’s chock filled with remarks like asking about his lesbian good friend, Jess:

Felix: I’m… seeing somebody. Fairly severe.

Felix’s Mom: Oh, is it that, uh, Jess good friend of yours?

Felix: Nope, she’s nonetheless homosexual.

Felix’s Mom: Who is not lately?

She additionally cautions her son to “use safety” together with his crush, Chelsea (Lindsey Broad), since “I do not want you knocking up some bartender.” What a pleasing girl.

When Felix’s mom agrees to offer her son a gun, she tells him, “I am happy with you. You’ve a proper to defend your self.”

Murphy and Jess aren’t as enthused in regards to the gun Felix has:



Felix: I go away for 3 hours, and all the pieces falls aside.

Jess: Felix, the place had been you?

Murphy: The place did you go?

Jess: You obtain a gun? What?!

Murphy: Are you kidding me?

Felix: I borrowed a gun from my mother.

Jess: You bought a mother gun? It is a…

Felix: It was my dad’s gun. It is a dad gun. To guard us.

Jess: Felix… …You understand that having a gun makes you extra seemingly…

Jess and Felix: …To be the sufferer of gun violence.

Felix: Sure, I do know that, however… It makes me really feel protected, okay?

Jess: You aren’t having a gun on this constructing.

Felix: I’ve to place it someplace.

Jess: Effectively, then, I do not… The place? The place do you… Wait, wait. I do not know. Put it within the truck. I am going to present you the place.

Although such a declare about gun violence is espoused by liberals, John Malcom and Amy Swearer for the Heritage Foundation deal with this and different myths liberals unfold about gun management.

Particularly addressing this fable, Malcom and Swearer level out that “Larger charges of gun possession aren’t related to greater charges of violent crime:”

  • International locations with extra gun possession, equivalent to Israel and Switzerland, have fewer homicides and decrease crime charges than nations with extra strict gun management legal guidelines.

  • Larger charges of hid carry permits are related to much less crime.

  • Gun possession is greater in rural areas, however city areas have greater homicide charges.

Many liberals are likely to cite a Harvard research by David Hemenway to make their claims, which has been analyzed and debunked by Reason, amongst others. In terms of the query of is “Having a Gun within the Residence Inherently Lethal,” there are extra harmful dangers than proudly owning a gun, equivalent to doing medicine, being a renter, or residing alone. Regarding suicides, “a earlier Harvard-published research demonstrated that even whole gun bans don’t decrease suicide charges,” as Breitbart factors out. Moreover, studies present that many extra lives are saved than taken with the assistance of a gun.

Viewers actually can’t anticipate such honesty from CW’s liberal Within the Darkish. As a substitute, as is typical, viewers are as soon as extra topic to deceptive anti-gun PSAs.

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