He Committed Himself to Adonai – TEILLIM 22:9

The songwriter David trusted in the Lord. No matter what his problems were he knew that Adonai would heal him in all things. In the modern day it is looked upon as being out of fashion to believe in God’s miracle powers. In the USA the so-called mainline Christian denomination, for the most part, believe that God can work miracles, but very rarely. In other parts of the world they firmly believe that someone, a god, has the power and the will to preform miracles of healing and other things.

The sad case that when we look the Western civilization has for the most part, especially Europe, placed there hope in their own efforts rather than on Christ’s salvation.  I have written in other posts on the Quantum 8th. Dimension and people seem to miss the point. When I am using the term Dimension I am using it in the sense of the Kabbalah usage. In the Kabbalah there are 10 Dimensions and the Quantum 8th Dimension is where the Holy Spirit of Creation (Ruach HaKodesh) resides. That is, the portion of His person that is used to maintain the universe resides. Since Adonai’s Word was before the creation of all living things. The principal of access to the Quantum Power of the Holy Spirit is available to everyone. However, when sin changed our relationship to Adonai is more difficult to access the Quantum 8th dimension not impossible but difficult.

In the 14th century, there arose a doctrine in Christianity called Dispensational Period. In the 19th century Germanic theologians propose that:  A. The Bible is mostly mythical stories with the purpose of enlightenment about God and B. that the Bible is divided into various Dispensations or Ages. This Age (dispensation) of miracles has passed. Today miracles are not very evident in our lives because the true purpose of miracles was to jump start the Christian movement or Church immediately after Jesus went to heaven.

The problem with Dispensational Theology is that there is no support for it in the Bible. Those who support this view have to ignore the evidence of miracles and healings around the world. They take the position that if they don’t see it, it does not happen. God designed the universe before man and he made it for our health and wealth. The Buddhist monk knows that you can tap into the Quantum 8th dimension. It takes prayer and fasting to attain the level of faith to work in the Quantum 8th dimension.  The Righteous Hebrew and saved Christian can freely tap into the Quantum 8th dimension and go to the 9th dimension. Since we are joint heirs with Jesus we have the promise of Jacob/Israel.

If it was good for Israel and Jesus it is good for me! Healing as you know is not the cure, but it sure helps until the cure comes along. The techniques that I use in my healing, The Eradicator(c) and and The Mind. Balancing(c) are based on access to the  Quantum 8th Dimension. As a Judeo-Christian I give, and rightly so, all the glory to Adonai. That is why I can go to the 9th Dimension where as the world can only go to the Quantum 8th Dimension.

Jesus said that we are to go out into the world and Heal people in their Spirit, Mind and Body.

Now go and do it!

Source by Daniel Wimer

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