Help your brand famous 100% with seo campaign and promotion for $25

We specialize in running ads for famous artists, brands.Make you 100% famous

guarantee and only we can do this

Coca- colaArtist,singer,musician,…

We will advise and let you know the forms of campaign ads:

0, Your content is the most important thing. Make the best investment possible: from audio production, costume – design: photo or video, your talent and practice, style, …
If you can’t Do this yourself.Let hire the best in industry to help you.
You will have great success promoting a good content that people can’t stop watching
Many gigs and promotions,order,customer,… will come to you. You will have a lot of money to do the next projects.
Advertising costs will also reduce,not much effort, …

But if your content is great and you don’t know how to promote it, it will quickly be copied and used to make money.

Please note that your content must not include unauthorized content: prostitution, gambling, scams, …

Professional Team1

Seo: help youtube videos or website or featured content on search engines like google search, yt search, … The cost starts from 5$ .If your keywords are not competitive. You only need $ 5 to be in the top 1, if it’s a cover song- sung by many cover singers, You will be ranked under those who spend more money than you to seo that keyword.

2, Highlight content on social networking sites: yt, fb ig, …. Help you have many likes, views, comments, … suggested and many people see the content when using social media.
Starting from only $ 5, But the cost of this is endless. (Invest in the cost you can invest)

3, Traffic or running ads to your target audience – your favorite song, genre.

Traffic starts from only $ 5 for 1 social network (fb or yt or IG, …), helping you to receive from 500-600 audiences for every $ 5.
We have a professional system of seo tools, inclue people in the entertainment industry. They has the impact and big influence on social networks.
1,000 times faster than you advertise by yourself. Time to do it by yourself, you should invest in doing other things more effectively. For example, focus and your skills

4, run ads youtube ads or facebook ads or google ads,.. We will choose the appropriate form of advertising for your content (youtube ads, google ads, facebook ads, twitter ads, …).

The cost for setting up an ad is $ 5 – we are confident that the ad unit set up with the lowest and most effective cost $ 5 (total $ 10) running ads that help you reach 350 audiences (right content)every $ 5. You will not incur additional ad setup costs later if you continue to run this ad.
We will charge 30% advertising management fee (because freelancerweb has 20%, we only have 10%.) For example we only spend $ 7 on your ad when you pay $ 10 to run ads .

This is how all professional artists promote their songs or brands famous promote their products. Helping their songs or product to become famous.
Don’t forget to optimize the basics when uploading your contents:
title, description, tags, thumbnails,photo …

It would be nice if we could cooperate to help you promote your product.

You have talent, we have marketing skills.
We make you famous with your talent in music or great products of your company, and you help us get a job, an income.

We confirm this is a real ad for 100% real users
No fake views, fake likes,…
We advise you not to spend money on fake views or likes, because only Real advertising can really make your brand famous.

It would be nice if we could cooperate.
Thank you for reference this service!

Marketingyoutube ads

facebook ads
Buy Sell your product Nowwings for your career


AladanhSeo Entertainment

Advertising packages and price:

Basic Pack 25$:Seo +Highlight content +traffic +set up ads and start run ads 25$.We will choose the appropriate form of advertising for your content (yt ads, gg ads, fb ads, …).The total will help you reach 1,000 audiences .Advertising campaign takes place in 1 week.

Standard Pack 50$extra gig)2750 audiences for 50$ .The total will help you reach 2,750 audiences .Advertising campaign takes place in 1 week.

Premium Pack 100$:extra gig)6250 audiences for 100$The total will help you reach 6250 audiences .Advertising campaign takes place in 1 week.

In addition, you can earn 10% of the order amount.
If you recommend to friends or others to use the above services.
Thank you for refer service of Aladanh Seo Entertainmentand See you again!
!Nice to work for you!

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