Herb Gardening and Fashion – What Do They Have in Common?

Herb gardening has made an almost fashionable comeback. Is it because of the "green movement"? Or perhaps the growing concern over the economy which is promoting simple and frugal living? Whatever the reason is, no one can deny the benefits of having your own herb garden.

There are several benefits to growing your own herbs. Top on my list is that the herbs I enjoy consuming will be healthier for me as I am in control of how I nurture and tend to my plants. I am referring to the use of harsh chemicals which are prevalent in pesticides. At least this way, I have a choice of what to use on my herbs instead of being at the mercy of commercial growers whose only motivation is to make heaps of money. And anyway, home grown herbs tend to have much better flavors as they are used fresh, straight from the garden to your table.

Let's talk economics. If you grow a variety of your own herbs to meet your needs, you will not have to be a victim of demand and supply marketing forces and seasonal price variations. And you save money because you do not have to buy any more new seeds or seedlings as you will generate them just by collecting and propagating from your existing ones.

Herb gardening can also be a source of an additional income. After all you already have a passion for your plants, so why not put the surplus herbs to good use? Sell ​​any extra plants or seeds or seedlings that you have. Make simple herb products like potpourris or preserves and sell them as well. You can sell them to friends, neighbors or even set up a little booth at a flea market.

Lot of times when the subject of herb gardening comes up, most people will say how much they love herb gardens and using fresh herbs, but they don't seem to have the time, space or enough information on herb gardens to create one of their own.

Space does not have to be an issue when creating an herb garden, because herbs can be grown as easily in a high rise apartment or in the backyard of your house. All you need is at least one pot of your favorite herb and you already have your miniature herb garden. Herb gardening definitely requires less time from you than growing vegetables or fruits, but is nonetheless equally rewarding.

These days there are so many cooking programs on TV, presenting wonderfully prepared food. Chefs present how to use a variety of herbs in their dishes. Some of them you might know already, but some are
new. To follow that particular recipe to achieve your own culinary masterpiece, you'll want to use exactly the same herbs. You'll probably want to grow your own herbs and have them available to you anytime.

Herb gardening can also affect your life in a more "spiritual" way. When you are around herbs and so focused on them, you are distracted from the fast-paced lifestyle and stress of everyday living. As a result, you can't help but slow down.

So what does herb gardening and fashion have in common? I believe the trend towards living simply and frugally is a result of the current economic situation which has renewed an interest in families becoming self-sufficient. Growing your own herbs not only saves you money, but also contributes to a healthier diet and lifestyle.

I hope that this article has provided you with enough reason to start enjoying your own herb garden.

Source by Jaime Wade

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