Hip Hop Clothes and Accessories

Hip hop clothes have their own unique style. Whether its baseball caps and white tees or collared shirts and designer brand jeans, people recognize the  style. Here’s  the top five places to find hip hop clothes…

Dr. Jays. Quality is what this store is all about, and they charge accordingly. Take advantage of their online sales- most items are as much 50% below retail. Dr. Jays houses the biggest names in hip hop apparel and accessories including LRG, Rocawear, Evisu and Marc Ecko. Using their website offers several additional features, including searching by category and saving items for later.

Hip Hop Closet. If Dr. jays is about quality, this store is about bargains. Here you can find qualtiy name brands like G-Unit, Sean John, Babyphat and Azzure at a heavy discount (up to 70%). Their accesories sections are smaller than those at other stores on this list, yet this urban fashion provider more than makes up for it with their more than reasonable prices.

Club Urban. This store follows in Hip Closet’s footsteps in terms of quality for a bargain. A nice feature on their website allows you to search by designer or brand name. You can also search by size, color and price- making choosing your next outfit a breeze. Their merchandise- both clothing and accessories- is huge, meaning you can spend hours on their website alone (imagine how long you could be in the store!). 

Urban Venom. This British company specializes in hip hop clothes such as Makaveli, Miskeen, Avirex and Akademiks. They also sell a large supply of electronics, accessories and even video games! They definitely have you covered!

Herban Stylz. I’ve included this company in order to be thorough, but the clothes are hit or miss for what your paying. Still, Herban Stylz is definitely worth checking out for the newest styles in clothes, apparel and accessories. The customer service is definitely worth it; they are right up there with Nordstorm’s and Macy’s.

In my experience, these five outfitters provide the highest quality hip hop clothes on the market today, both at their stores and their companion websites. Of them, Club Urban and Hip Hop Closet offer the greatest bargains, where Dr. Jays offers the highest selection and quality. Urban Venom definitely has its own look, so if your friends all shop at Herban Stylz, you can get something different from them!

Source by Andrew Tucker

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