Homemade Cosmetics and Skin Care Recipes That You Should Know

Women are more conscious about their skin than men, though these days; a growing trend of skin consciousness is being noticed among men as well. Every one wishes for a glowing, supple and blemish free skin, and the various commercial cosmetic companies are making good business harnessing and tickling this desire of both our men and women.

They are actually playing with the psychology of people who are extremely conscious about looking good. This is the reason for an increased marketing of fairness creams for men and women, face washes and cleansers, bathing soaps, sunscreens, talcum powder etc. Every one is seen to grab upon what ever skin care cosmetics they are getting in market. In trying out a wide range of cosmetics, one is actually exposing one's skin to the risk of damage caused by the chemicals present in these cosmetics. Usage of commercial cosmetics may not always be fruitful and may, in turn, make the skin rough, scaly, wrinkled and even allergic. Skin is a natural gift of God, and therefore it is best to treat the skin naturally.

Natural, homemade cosmetics can prove beneficial, safe and less expensive for every skin type, and there is a zero risk factor associated with skin damage while using these natural products. Homemade cosmetics do away with the toxic effect of chemicals on skin, and heal the skin problems naturally. Many have heard of the Kumkum Adi tailam formula in Indian Ayurveda. This is an extensive skin-care formula for fairness and glow. There are many such formulas in the storehouse of nature.

Homemade Cosmetics for Rejuvenating Skin

Below are some simple and effective homemade beauty recipes for your skin that not only helps your skin glow naturally but also improves the skin appearance and complexion. These remedies have rejuvenating effect and prevent aging considerably.

1. A mixture of one teaspoon cucumber juice, few drops of lime juice and a pinch of turmeric powder may be applied on face, neck and other parts and left for 30 minutes. This is a cure for dull skin.

2. Massaging skin with a mixture of one teaspoon cucumber juice, rose water and milk, makes it glow.

3. Mashed papaya may be applied on face and neck, and left for 15 minutes. This makes the skin soft and supple, fair and also treats pimples.

4. One may splash coconut water on face, to cleanse it and look fair.

Look younger and beautiful now with all natural and safer homemade cosmetics!

Source by Ryan Mutt

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