Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machine – WML540 Review


With a depth of 52.5 centimeters, the WML540 Aquarius is the perfect washing machine if you’re looking for a model that accommodates one person or a small family. It’s stylish, efficient, and versatile.

Energy Efficiency

The WML540 Aquarius from Hotpoint has earned an energy rating of “A,” ensuring that the unit will not only wash your clothes well, but also efficiently. That’s good for your wallet, and good for Mother Nature. The Earth’s natural resources are quickly dwindling, making the importance of choosing energy-efficient appliances more crucial than ever.


1. Capacity

The capacity of this unit is six kilograms, which is actually the capacity for “standard” washing machines. This makes it perfect if you need to wash clothes for one or two people, or a small family. If you have a large family, then you should consider a different model from Hotpoint.

2. RPM (revolutions per minute)

This model’s maximum RPM is 1,400. While this isn’t the fastest spinning speed in the world, it’s earned the WML540 Aquarius a Spin Efficiency rating of B. That’s definitely enough for most of the clothes-washing that you’ll need to do.

3. Style and color

The contemporary look and white color of the WML540 Aquarius is perfect for any room of your home. Here’s why. The modular style can complement both traditional and modern décor. Also, white goes with everything, so you won’t have to worry about redecorating the room where you’ll be installing the machine. That’s definitely a huge plus, in terms of saving capital.

4. Wash Efficiency

This Hotpoint washer model has earned a Wash Efficiency rating of “A.” Indeed, it made the mark! That means that your clothes will be washed both quickly and effectively. In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, we have little time to spare. So it’s crucial that our appliances (including our laundry machines) function as effectively as possible.

5. Delay Start

This is a fantastic feature that’s perfect if you don’t want your washed clothes to sit in the machine all day until you can get to them. With the Delay Start feature, you can program the machine to start up to 24 hours from the current time. So you can delay the washing if you won’t be home for a while.

6. Water Control System

This is yet another feature that will help your washing machine to work as effectively as possible. And it’s yet another way that the WML540 Aquarius efficiently uses Earth’s natural resources.

7. Child Lock

If you have a child or children, then this is a definitely must-have feature that you should look for in a washing machine. While children are naturally curious, it’s crucial that your appliance be child-proof. The Child Lock feature helps to provide that protection.

The Hotpoint WML540 Aquarius is definitely one of your best options if you need a quality washing machine that’s stylish, efficient, and versatile. What more could you want from a washing machine?

Source by Kelly Nickless

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