Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machine – WML560 Review


The Hotpoint WML560 Aquarius is a stylish, efficient, and versatile washing machine from Hotpoint. It's everything you'd ever need in a washing machine, providing several fantastic features for you and your household.

Energy Efficiency

This model from Hotpoint has received an energy rating of "A," so it's definitely made the grade. That means that you'll be able to enjoy lower utility bills, while also doing your part to conserve the Earth's dwindling energy resources.


1. Style and design

The Hotpoint WML560 Aquarius is not only outstanding in function, but also in form. The stylish appearance makes it perfect for virtually any room in your home. Also, the neutral color of white allows it to complement any color scheme in the room where you install it. You won't have to worry about replacing all the décor in a room, so the hues will complement your washing machine's color.

2. Warranty

The WML560 Aquarius comes with a one-year warranty. This will give you peace-of-mind during the machine's first year of operation. While Hotpoint washing machines have outstanding craftsmanship, "stuff" happens in life. The warranty will help to protect you and your investment.

3. Capacity

The six-kilogram capacity of the WML560 Aquarius is sufficient for a small family. However, if your family is large then you should probably consider a Hotpoint washing machine with a larger capacity.

4. Wash Efficiency and Spin Efficiency

Hotpoint's WML560 Aquarius has received an "A" rating for both its Wash Efficiency and Spin Efficiency. This guarantees that the model will wash and spin your clothes as effectively as possible. The maximum spin speed of the WML560 Aquarius is 1,600 rpm, which is definitely sufficient for all of your clothes-washing needs.

5. Quiet operation

Besides owning an effective washing machine, you likely want a quiet one as well. If so, then you won't be disappointed with this Aquarius model. You can use it throughout the day, without worrying that you'll receive a citation for "disturbing the peace.

6. Quick Wash

When you need your clothes in a hurry, this feature is perfect. Not only will your clothes be cleaned properly, but it will be done in a flash. So you'll have clean and fresh clothes for your workday, night on the town, and so on.

7. Durability

The WML560 Aquarius is produced using outstanding craftsmanship. This means that you'll likely get several years worth of clothes washing, via the unit from Hotpoint.

If you need a stylish, reliable, and efficient washing machine, then you can end your search with the Hotpoint WML560 Aquarius. Regardless of what your Zodiac sign is, it's definitely the Age of Aquarius-the Hotpoint WML560 Aquarius, that is.

Source by Kelly Nickless

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