Hotpoint WMF740 Aquarius + Washing Machine Review


The Hotpoint WMF740 Aquarius + is one of several washing machines included in the Aquarius series from the company. This versatile model is able to meet all of your clothes-washing needs-whether you're washing clothes for one person or one family!

Energy Efficiency

The Hotpoint WMF740 Aquarius + has received an energy rating of "A." So you can be assured that it will wash your clothes with the utmost efficiency. That will ultimately save you money, and save the Earth's dwindling energy supplies.


1. Capacity

The capacity of the Hotpoint WMF740 Aquarius + is seven kilograms. How does that stack up against other washing machines? The "standard" capacity for models is six kilograms. So seven kilograms will provide you (and your family) with plenty of room for your clothes-washing needs. That's definitely a big plus for those days when you need to wash a mountain-load of laundry.

2. Front Loading

At first, this may seem to be a trivial feature. But arguably this variety of laundry machine is much easier to use than top-loading models. Reaching backwards in the washer to get clothes is much easier than reaching downwards.

3. Crease Reduction Control

This feature causes the washing machine to spin slower, and thus produce fewer wrinkles on your clothes. That's certainly a welcome feature when you need to wash dress clothes, since they'll require less ironing. If you're like most people, then ironing clothes isn't your most favorite chore in the world.

4. Half Load

This program is a fantastic energy-saver, since it uses less water than normal. So you won't have to worry about the Earth's natural resources being wasted.

5. Washing Efficiency and Spin Efficiency

The WMF740 Aquarius + washing machine from Hotpoint has an "A" rating for its Washing Efficiency, and a "B" rating for its spin efficiency (with a maximum Spin Speed ​​of 1,400). So you can have peace-of-mind that the unit will wash and spin your clothes efficiently.

6. Programs

This model from Hotpoint includes an amazing 16 programs. So with the touch of a button, you'll be able to control the machine's washing of your clothes.

7. Style and design

The modular design and color of the WMF740 Aquarius + makes it perfect for any room in your home. For instance, the design allows the unit to complement either traditional or modern décor in the room. Also, the neutral graphic color will complement any color scheme that you have in the room containing the washing machine.

Without a doubt, the Hotpoint WMF740 Aquarius + is a washing machine with the perfect blend of style, efficiency, and versatility. While there are bigger washing machines on the market, you'll have difficult finding a better one.

Source by Kelly Nickless

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