How a Challenge Can Help Your Home Internet Career

A work from home career may appear to lack an immediate challenge. Its relatively easy to 'slack off' or blame other things and events for lack of success.

We all have an innate desire to want to excel, to be good at something. Herzberg developed the, Two-factor theory of motivation. Its called the Two-factor theory because according to Herzberg two sets of different factors affect whether you view your work positively. They are called Motivators and Hygiene Factors. One interesting fact is that Hygiene Factors; status, job security, salary, fringe benefits, company policies, supervisory practices and wage have no effect on job satisfaction if they are improved. Yet if Motivators; challenging work, recognition, achievement and personal growth are increased they all have a positive impact on job satisfaction and performance.

It's the reason all entrepreneurs start a business and also the reason they may stop. They are either up for a challenge or they are not.

Its been my experience most people are up for a challenge when given the right amount of encouragement and support. I have managed and mentored people who have blossomed; one even became one of my bosses. Its mainly why I enjoy mentoring, because one is able to bring out the best in people in a supportive environment.

In a home internet opportunity, especially direct sales, you need to be a Leader. This is because 'direct sales' is based on a network or team of business associates. It allows for the use of leverage, leverage is where your ability to get extra income out of the same business without doing extra work.

This 'leverage' is also referred to as passive or residual income. Income gained in this way is what makes direct selling a business as opposed to being self employed. Being self employed is where you exchange your skills for payment. However in a business you gain income of the work of people in your sales organization.

This is why leadership is so important, you are running a business. You have to be able to motivate a team of people to perform well. As there is no line management arrangement then you will need to motivate people by using influence.

There is an extremely useful technique you can use to motivate people and that is to set them a challenge. People normally operate within a comfort zone; they tend to focus on tasks they are familiar with. This is why it is said to be successful you have to work harder on yourself than your business. Getting someone to work harder at personal development is a way of motivating them. As they begin their personal development their comfort zone expands. They are willing to try new things.

In addition they will see you focus on their personal development and this should see them focus on motivating people who join their team. A good place to start is to aim to develop a team of 10 people then set each of them the challenge of developing a team of 10. This may seem a tall order to them at first however you can break the aim into smaller goals that lead to the eventual 10.

So when you set up your work from home career set yourself a challenge it will help keep you going, in addition it can be used as a mechanism to motivate team members. This is an approach that can be duplicated again and again.

Source by Andrew Peel

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