How Celebrity Hairstyles Influence Popular Culture

Celebrity hairstyles may have more influence on culture changes that many people are aware of. A hairstyle communicates a certain feeling and attitude to the world. When a celebrity changes their hairstyle, they are changing what they say to the world. If that hairstyle becomes popular and copied throughout society, then it is possible to completely change how people feel and interact with each other. Because of this fact, it is quite possible for a hairstyle to change how society operates.

The feeling of an era

Celebrity hairstyles embody the feeling of each generation, decade, and era. It is possible to tell what a decade was like just from looking at the hairstyles that were popular in that decade. The 50s were a time of rigidness and reconstruction. The hairstyles in this time were structured and held firmly into place. The 70s brought about a more laid-back approach to life and the popular hairstyles show that attitude as well. The hair was flowing, long, and free. The 80s were all about rebellion. The hair for this time was wildly curled and cut into harsh styles. More recent hair trends have been all about mixing old styles in new ways. That shows the attitude of the time, which is mixing new and old technologies and business methods together to create something new.

Hairstyles can lead to fashion changes

Celebrity hairstyles also can affect fashion. A popular haircut lends itself to new fashion pathways. A soft, flowing style leads to the creation of soft, flowing clothing. It could also lead to highly structured pieces as a fashion contrast. The same thing can happen with a severe hairstyle. Clothing can turn severe or gentle in contrast.

Popular characters can alter the hair of an entire generation

Certain shows and movies have revealed celebrity hairstyles that have been so popular, that it seems that everyone starts to wear their hair that way. Some of the iconic styles of different periods were achieved this way. One example of this was in the 1990s with the TV show Friends. “The Rachel” hairstyle was extremely popular will almost all women for almost ten years.

Hairstyles can dictate how people live

How hair is arranged can make a huge difference in how people live their lives. Hairstyles that require a lot of prep and styling mean that people with these styles have to get up earlier to have enough time to fix their hair. Usually this means that they are more tired throughout the day. Styles that are easy to maintain mean that people with these styles have more time for other tasks during the day and in the mornings. Celebrity hairstyles really affect how people live their lives.

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