How Important Is Comfort When Choosing a Fashion Shoe?

I am a person who loves shoe shopping. Anything that catches my eye, I want it. That means that I have a cupboard full of fashion shoes and I only wear a handful of them. Not because I don’t like them, I don’t feel comfortable in them. I have made the conscious decision to purchase fashion shoes that look stunning and are comfortable. Is that really possible?

When I scan my cupboard for a shoe to match my outfit, I find many fashion shoes that will look great with my ensemble but I cannot bear to wear some of them. They simply hurt my feet and I cannot walk on them all day. I find that most of the time I’ll wear a shoe that is comfortable. I want balance in terms of comfort meets style. I’ve also noticed that the shoes that hurt my feet the most are the cheaper ones. They are the ones that don’t have the proper support in the soles and don’t have sufficient cushioning. The next time I went shopping I looked for and felt for shoes that were suited to my feet. I looked at it and it looked lovely, then I tried it on. This time I was sure to try on both shoes and walk with them on. That way I get a better feel on the ball and arch of my foot. Now ladies, this is important, you must have sufficient padding under the ball of your foot. If it’s not padded you could hurt your feet and get those unsightly bunions. Then your days of wearing sexy high heel shoes are out of the window. Also be sure to alternate between high heels and flat shoes from day to day, so that your feet get a rest and don’t get used to one form of footwear. That’s right, you need to also have some sexy flat footwear in your cupboard. Although, those flat shoes can also prove to be uncomfortable. Wearing flat shoes all day can affect your heels and the arches of your feet.

In my case, it is very important to focus on comfort when choosing a fashion shoe. The right pair of high heels or pumps shoes makes all the different to the general health of your foot. That doesn’t mean you have to wear flat pumps only. No, as long as you have a regiment of alternating between your desired footwear (heels and flats) then you can experience a happy comfortable relationship with your fashionable footwear.

Source by Zakkiyya Mota

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